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Tips for Better Product Showcases That Boost Conversion Rate

Investing in Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a wise choice for any online retailer, and some of the best adjustments you can make involve your product showcases. A product showcase is a set of product descriptions, packaging information, instructions, photos, and user reviews that inform potential buyers of what you have to offer. When shoppers click around to find the best deals, the most eye-catching product showcases typically report the most conversions.


Enhancing Your Product Showcases


Forix can help with Magento site performance optimization, but we also offer strategic insights and other helpful services to ensure your products and services get the attention they deserve in the online marketplace. Our team will analyze your existing product showcases and look for room for improvement. For example, if your current online store only displays a few static images, we can help you explore 360° viewing technology that may help your customers feel more confident in their purchases. We can also upload video showcases, product demonstrations, and even short promotional videos to create more engaging shopping experiences.


Photographic quality is another important factor. Customers will want to observe the fine details of your products. Do your displayed images allow a zoom function? What resolution are your product photos? These are important questions; investing in professional-grade product photography can help your product showcases truly shine.


Magento conversion rate optimization can involve back-end solutions like improving page loading speeds, streamlining checkout processes, and implementing other digital assets like your content management system. The Magento performance optimization process also involves changes on the front end, and Forix can advise you of potentially valuable changes you can make in your product showcases such as color variant viewing tools, high-quality photography, pricing, and shipping options.


Product Showcases and the Checkout Experience


Does your eCommerce site allow guests to make accounts so they can store billing and shipping information? If so, part of your conversion rate optimization in Magento could be the inclusion of one-click purchasing for users who log in. A visually pleasing product showing that features all of the pertinent information on a product and allows a logged-in user to complete a purchase with one click not only inspires buyer confidence but also streamlines the overall checkout experience for your users.


Imagine allowing your customers to click to purchase a product from your showcase and then confirm payment and shipping information in a single simple screen, completing the checkout process with a few clicks. Forix can help you implement the back-end changes you’ll need in your IT environment for a sound membership program and merge other digital assets with the Magento platform for a streamlined, cohesive eCommerce experience for your customers.


Talk to a Magento CRO experts at Forix to learn more about better showcasing your products.



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