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Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization in Magento

Magento conversion rate optimization is an incredibly valuable yet underused method of increasing online sales. It can be difficult and expensive to invest in taking full advantage of the Magento platform without professional help. Forix can help you enhance the efficacy of your existing IT framework and implement the Magento platform in various ways that will have tangible benefits for your company’s bottom line. We can help you take full advantage of all available Magento performance optimization options and ensure the design end while advising you of strategic opportunities when it comes to your product prices and showcases.


Tip #1: Increase Site Performance


Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) includes the use of a vast array of customization tools that help you develop an eCommerce platform that looks and performs exactly how you want it to and increases sales. Slow page loading speed is one of the biggest turn-offs for modern consumers. The internet offers an extraordinary level of consumer choices; if your site doesn’t perform up to par, a user can simply click away and find a competitor with a site that does meet expectations.


Magento site performance optimization services from Forix can help you streamline the checkout process, boost page loading speeds, and help customers complete purchases with greater confidence. An unintuitive and slow-loading site doesn’t inspire buyer confidence, so if you aren’t taking advantage of all the Magento site performance optimization tools at your disposal, Forix can help.


Tip #2: Adjust Prices


You need to stay competitive in your market and still turn a profit, so you may hesitate to adjust your prices, especially if your business is just getting off the ground. However, a few minor adjustments can lead to better overall sales and encourage repeat purchases from happy customers. For example, if you currently offer several shipping options at various prices, consider adding a free shipping option and simply increasing the product price by a few dollars to make up the difference. This can have a tremendous effect as most online customers prefer to take advantage of free shipping offers when given the choice.


Tip #3: Create a Comprehensive IT Environment for Your Business


One of the biggest advantages of using the Magento platform for eCommerce is the versatility. Forix can help you implement Magento into your existing IT environment, take advantage of the full range of tools in the Adobe Experience Manager, and create a robust eCommerce platform that inspires confidence in your customers and boosts sales. Conversion rate optimization in Magento ultimately boils down to adjusting your product listings and prices while also addressing site performance issues and making quality of life improvements for users on a consistent basis.


Reach out to a Magento CRO expert at Forix to hear more tips for conversion rate optimization on your website.



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