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Tips to Improve Sales for Magento B2B

Owning a Magento website is the first step toward a successful e-commerce store. As a business-to-business (B2B) in a highly competitive business environment, however, it is far from the last step. Running your Magento site in a way that helps it achieve its fullest potential may take help from experienced developers. The developers at Forix are happy to provide managed services and 24/7 technical support to B2Bs around the world. We have everything you need for an outstanding Magento site – including pro tips for how to improve sales.


Personalize the B2B Shopping Experience


Personalized e-commerce experiences are a necessity, not a desire. Just because you’re marketing to other businesses instead of consumers does not mean your target audience wants customization of services any less. With so many other B2Bs competing for your customers’ attention, one of the best ways to make your mark is through a meaningful, personalized shopping experience. Forix can help B2Bs master Magento website personalization using the following managed strategies:


  • Customer account personalization options. Part of what makes Magento so special is the ability to adapt to unique user needs. With help and maintenance from our developers, your website can easily manage customizable accounts, complete with targeted messaging and other services.
  • Tailored product recommendations. Upselling and cross-selling are simple with Forix’s ongoing managed support services for your Magento website. We can help your site save customer preferences and shopping cart histories, as well as utilize buyer data to come up with product recommendations explicitly suited for each brand.
  • Autosuggest during searches. Make it as easy as possible for your B2B customers to find what they’re searching for. Add autosuggest support to your website to save users time and effort when shopping around. Our developers can link autosuggest services to a customer’s purchase history for personal results.
  • Make repeat purchases quick and easy. Unlike B2C customers, businesses often like to repeat the exact same order from vendors. Our agency can make this feature as easy and intuitive as possible on your Magento site, using automated managed services to make reordering effortless.
  • Customize product pricing. One of the most popular aspects of Forix’s ongoing managed services is the ability to customize product pricing across thousands of B2B customers. Our developers can help you use Magento’s features to create personalized price lists based on contract terms and specific business rules.


Magento offers many features and options to personalize your B2B audience’s experience. Forix’s developers make the process even easier. Your website can automatically accommodate user-specific needs, helping to set your company apart from the competition with our managed services. Your buyers will want to return again and again when your website makes it clear that their satisfaction is your top priority. Total customization throughout the sales funnel is one of the best ways to improve sales.


Make it Mobile


Your Magento site absolutely must accommodate mobile users. Ignoring mobile customers is a serious mistake that can impact the success of your B2B. Part of Forix’s ongoing support and Magento managed services is optimizing a site for mobile. Our developers provide the technical support and routine maintenance required for a seamless mobile shopping experience.


Your business customers are expecting a smooth, issue-free mobile purchasing experience with a beautiful, flexible layout and mobile-specific features. Don’t let them down. Use Forix to optimize your mobile services. Making Magento mobile-friendly for B2Bs doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel. With help from our top agency, the process can be simple and rewarding.


Whether your customers start and finish on your mobile site or switch screens in the middle of the process between multiple devices, effortlessly accommodate their needs with mobile-first designs. Forix can make sure your website runs perfectly across all types of devices. We offer ongoing 24/7 technical support for mobile sites.


Add Simple Self-Service Features


B2B shopping is all about convenience. Business owners know that time is money. They won’t waste a second on a site that doesn’t offer convenient services. Optimize your Magento e-commerce store by adding self-service features to cater to companies that want to get in and out of the buying experience as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Self-service elements such as quick order, smart reordering, and fast product information windows can help B2B customers through the sales funnel at their own pace. Forix can help your B2B become a top vendor in your industry by adding self-service capabilities to your website. We can help you empower customers, make bulk ordering a breeze, and save everyone time.


Improving the customer experience is what we do best for our B2B clients. Take GloryBee, for example; our agency simplified this B2B’s website flow to make it easier for clients to place orders themselves. Our ongoing support and services resulted in a 30 percent increase in retail revenue and a 27 percent increase in wholesale revenue for the brand!


Eliminate Costly Technical Issues


Going with a top managed services provider like Forix benefits you by eliminating costly technical problems and system errors you might encounter if managing your Magento website on your own. B2Bs rely on our around-the-clock support, maintenance services, and ongoing updates to keep their website operating smoothly.


Owning a site that never inconveniences your customers with breakdowns, maintenance issues, and 404 Error messages is one of the best ways to show your professionalism as a vendor. Forix can help. Forix’s technical support services can fix most Magento website (frontend and backend) problems within 24 hours.


We have maintenance teams and developers on call 24/7/365 to address problems and provide technical support anytime, no matter where you are in the world. Part of trusting us as your managed services provider is benefitting from fast and effective technical support. We have the tools and knowledge you need to become a thriving B2B leader in your industry.


Optimize Your Magento B2B Site with Forix


If you’re ready to achieve your full potential as a business-to-business brand, make the most of your Magento website. With managed support and constant maintenance from a top agency like Forix Digital, you can accomplish lofty business goals and establish yourself as a leading vendor in your industry. Forix has everything you need and more to improve sales and boost business using your Magento website. Find out how we can maximize sales for you today. Call today to connect with a Magento expert.



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