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Top 4 Things to Avoid on Your Magento Website

When designing your Magento website, there are a few things to avoid that are conversion rate optimization killers. The following four things will cause you to lose sales, so it is best to create a website that compensates for them. Forix can help with your Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO), creating a design that will help your business, not block sales.


Don’t Hide Shipping Costs


Hidden shipping fees are one of the top things that make customers abandon their cart at checkout. Most businesses see an increase in sales by offering free shipping to customers. If free shipping is not an option, display a shipping calculator on the site during the shopping process so your customers can factor in the cost to their final price. When you are upfront about the total from the beginning, customers are less likely to abandon their carts at the last minute in surprise.


Don’t Hide Your Contact Information


Make yourself available to answer any questions and comments by displaying your contact information in a prominent spot on your website. If it is not obvious on the site, you may lose a sale because the customer won’t know where to turn for more information. Another way to promote communication on your site is to provide 24/7 chat options. Live chat helps increase conversion rate optimization in Magento websites because customers know they can get the answers to all of their questions before making a purchase.


Don’t Have an Unclear Return Policy


Your return policy is another key piece of information on your site. Be upfront with the policy, letting people know the best way to return products. If they aren’t sure about their purchase, having a strong return policy to support your brand will make consumers more likely to give it a try. If your return policy is clear on your site, your customers will know what to expect right from the start, improving your Magento site performance.


Don’t Forget Delivery Timelines


Sometimes customers are on a tight deadline to have their products delivered. It’s one of the reasons Amazon has become such a big retailer. Their promise of delivery in two days gives customers a clear window of time for delivery. By letting your customers know the delivery window from the start, you can help to increase your Magento conversion rate optimization.


Being clear and upfront with your customers tells them exactly what to expect right from the beginning. Magento and Forix can help you design a checkout process that gives your customers all the important information before they hit the checkout button. When a customer feels like they can trust a brand, they end up becoming repeat customers. Let Forix help you create this brand trust with your customers- reach out. Through Magento site performance optimization, Forix will increase conversion rates leading to more sales.



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