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Top Conversion Rate Optimization Practices to Increase Revenue

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Practices to Increase Revenue
As an e-commerce business, you work with the goal of providing customers with your best service and building revenue. You want to satisfy customers with your product to continue attracting business. At the core of that goal is creating conversions, or sales when visitors to your site pick out products and complete an order. While increased site traffic is one crucial goal, it doesn’t amount to much if sales don’t convert. Optimizing your site for better conversions should be at the top of your priority list.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the priority for many e-commerce businesses, and it should be for yours, too. After all, attracting new potential visitors to your website won’t do you much good if those visitors don’t buy anything. When you optimize your online store to facilitate conversions, you’re going a long way toward doing everything in your power to increase revenue and grow your business. Following these practices can put you on the right path. Want to hear more about conversion rate optimization? Connect with an expert on Forix’s Magento ongoing support team.


Setting Realistic Expectations

Before you go too far into your CRO strategy, you need to set goals for yourself. These will help you build an appropriate strategy and understand when your optimization efforts have been a success. However, you don’t want to set goals that are too far out of your reasonable range of possibility.

Increased revenue doesn’t happen overnight, so you shouldn’t approach your CRO strategy as if a few tweaks will get you the results you need. Sometimes a change to your website will produce short-term results that don’t last. You need to acknowledge the time it will take to both determine accurate results and how much increase you’ll receive from your efforts.


Targeting the Most Effective Areas

When you’re just starting your CRO strategy, resist the urge to change every obscure page on your site. There will be time for those later; focus on your most visited entry pages and those that already have high conversion rates instead. Further optimizing your already successful pages and ones with high amounts of traffic with low conversion should be your first targets. Interested in targeting a more effective area on your website? Reach out to an expert on Forix’s Magento ongoing support team.


Conducting Extensive Testing (and Then Testing Again)

Before you even think about launching changes to your pages, you’ll need to conduct tests to make sure you’re getting effective results. A/B testing serves as an important entryway to determine which changes bring in the results you’re looking for, while further tests can see which combinations of variables do the best work.

Even once you’ve completed tests and gotten statistically significant results, run your tests again. Comparing your new winning design against your control page will help you validate that, yes, your new design is much more optimized for conversion rates and you haven’t found a fluke in your data. The Magento managed services team are experts at conducting extensive testing, call to speak with someone to learn more.


Bringing CRO Best Practices to Your E-Commerce Website

Top developer design agency Forix can help you optimize your website for conversions. Through data-driven design and extensive knowledge of CRO best practices, our team works with your goals, provides consultation on developing a strategy, then implements it all in your e-commerce website.


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