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Top Features of Magento Managed Services

Online shopping continues to grow in significance, making eCommerce functionality more important. Even with a thriving brick-and-mortar store, your ongoing business will suffer without a strong online presence. Magento is one of the solutions that can help improve your online retail success. It is a cloud-based software that focuses on improving businesses’ eCommerce websites. Magento offers many managed services, each with unique and significant features.


Magento Commerce Features


One of the top managed services Magento offers developers, agencies, and other businesses is Magento Commerce, which provides a rich commerce experience. It seamlessly integrates many aspects of eCommerce in one service. Some of the top features of Magento Commerce’s rich commerce experience include:


  • Customer segmentation and personalization. Magento managed services can identify specific customers and send content and promotions based on factors such as age, gender, location, and more. Rather than sending out bulk promotional content, agencies and developers can help your business more effectively appeal to specific people.
  • Instant purchases. One of the most tedious parts of online purchases is typing in billing and shipping addresses and payment information. Magento Commerce managed services support instant purchases. Customers can save their information in your eCommerce website, so the purchasing process is exponentially faster the next time they shop at your online store.
  • Analytics and data. It is difficult to improve your website if you do not understand what is wrong. Magento Commerce can provide you with ongoing analytics and data support showing your eCommerce website’s effectiveness, giving you more information about what maintenance you may need and how to best improve your business.
  • Easy navigation. Magento Commerce makes it easy for you to navigate your information. It includes a dashboard that lets you quickly choose various categories you want to access, saving you time sifting through data to find what you need.


Magento Commerce also provides managed services that support reliable infrastructure. It uses high-quality, modern software that creates ongoing technical security you can depend on. Some of the services that make up the reliable infrastructure include:


  • Global services. Magento is a global company, used by agencies, developers, and other businesses all over the world. You can set up an ongoing website in most regions around the world.
  • Optimize overall performance. Magento Commerce improves performance on the front lines of the eCommerce website and for archiving orders.
  • Isolated server. Magento provides ongoing secure support and managed services. To decrease the chances of a security break, Magento gives each customer an isolated server environment.


Magento Commerce, though useful for all companies, is especially popular amongst developers and agencies. Developers have access to thousands of third-party services and deployment support. The features of which developers are most fond include:


  • Magento Commerce gives developers the ability to integrate easily with third-party systems, which is beneficial for business.
  • Magento Marketplace is a service within Magento that allows developers to purchase thousands of extensions and themes.
  • Strong support. Magento provides strong ongoing support for customers. Developers have a point of contact if they are having an issue. Any website maintenance problems can be dealt with the Magento experts.
  • Magento Services is another way Magento offers customer support while they are working with the software. A team of experts helps developers and businesses learning about the software implement and understand the way it works.


Magento also offers the Magento Commerce cloud, where customers can store all the information they need and easily access it whenever they want.


Magento Order Management


One of Magento’s top services is order management. The online shopping and ordering process can be overly complicated for many businesses. Magento’s order management service helps simplify the process. Some of the specific features included in Magento’s order management service are:


  • Easier order fulfillment. Expand the order locations to partners, suppliers, and stores. Increase customer options to pick up in the store and ship to or from store. Create a more extensive inventory that customers can view.
  • Global inventory visibility. Provide even more transparency for your customers. Constantly track inventory around the world so people know the status of their purchase.
  • Improved customer service. Even if you have an amazing website and products, poor customer service and support are likely to hurt your profits. Magento can show customers details on their orders and offer refunds. It can help increase customer loyalty by treating them well.


Magento Marketplace


One of Magento’s most beloved features, specifically for developers, is the Marketplace. It offers countless extensions and themes, so developers have options and can find any extensions they need. There are numerous categories of extensions and themes, and the categories include customer support; payments and security; marketing; accounting and finance; shipment and fulfillment; and website optimization. Magento has a variety of different extensions so it can help most customers.


Magento Business Intelligence Pro


Magento Business Intelligence Pro is a special, upgraded version that supports more than the standard Magento managed services. It reduces even more technical issues than the standard version and makes the eCommerce process even simpler for both you and your customers.


One of the central features of Magento Business Intelligence Pro is the ability to control and manage data better. Some of the benefits of increased data control and management include:


  • Quick file uploads
  • Automatic data replication
  • Prebuilt integrations
  • Cloud based
  • Build metrics
  • View data summaries
  • Control what information syncs


Magento Business Intelligence Pro can also support multiple dashboards. You can save and organize more information than with the single dashboard from the standard Magento. Some other benefits include:


  • Advanced SQL report builder
  • Schedule email reports
  • Export what you need
  • Grant permission levels


For more information about Magento’s features and services and how it can help your business, contact Forix. Forix is the top Magento developer with numerous employees certified in Magento.


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