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Top Five Maintenance Requests

Top 5 Maintenance Requests

We decided to ask our maintenance team what their most common requests were and if they could come up with a top 5 list. They didn’t hesitate. You already know this, but most e-commerce managers have all the same issues across the board.

1. Platform Capabilities

Did you forget what Magento is capable of? Looking for a specific functionality and can’t seem to find where you can turn it on? Did you find out how to turn on the feature you were looking for, only to break something else?

One of the most common maintenance requests is questions about Magento platform capabilities. Our clients often ask us what Magento can and can’t do. Magento is a very powerful platform with many features built in and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its complexity. As a Magento Certified Solutions Partner, we answer these questions all day long. We have the skills in-house to make Magento conform to your needs.

2. Additional Functionality Requests

Did you see a cool feature on another site? Did you think that Magento had a certain feature, only to find that it didn’t? Do you spend too much time on one or several of your tasks? Since our developers are Certified Plus developers, our maintenance team can provide consultation on where the line between configuring platform capabilities and extending Magento functionality occurs.


Do you feel like you don’t have the right tools? How can you increase conversions? How can you get more customers? How can you increase your AOV?

Another common request revolves around all things sales. We are talking about banners, segmentation, and promotions of all kinds. One of the best ways to solve these is through planning. Where do I begin? Start with the e-commerce calendar  to see what the major events are going to be. At Forix, we work backward from there, coming up with the tactics to make sure the promotions will be ready when you need them. Our clients tell us what their best items are based on seasonality, and we have the full design and UX resources to be ready when the time comes. Landing pages are also critical to the success of our clients. Every PPC and email campaign should be pointing to either product category or landing pages to maximize success.

4. Recommendations for Third Party Integrations

Why would you want a third party integration?

To make your life easier. Because you other employees need to know everything you know. We get asked to integrate Magento with CRMs, ERPs, and POS Systems. How effective is your organization’s accounting, reporting, and inventory? An organization can only move as fast as its data, so acceleration is key. Interested in learning more about our Magento integrations?

5. Troubleshooting

What do you do when stuff breaks? Our Magento Maintenance team will troubleshoot to find out what went wrong on your e-commerce site.  It was working and it will work again with our Certified Plus developers on your side. We care about your business and want you to thrive. Unexpected problems are our specialty.

These common requests are just a small sampling of the kinds of requests Forix can handle. With maintenance from Forix, you have the tools you need to prepare for the unexpected and make your day to day operations run smoother.

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