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Top Magento Agency for B2B

Business-to-business (B2B) buyers today depend on the availability of a vendor online. Online client information, services, and purchasing capabilities are a must for a business to thrive in the competitive modern B2B marketplace. The best way to enter the digital marketplace is with a Magento website – a smart, intuitive, and advanced digital solution. Your Magento developer is key to your site’s long-term success. Get support from the top Magento agency for B2B in the field: Forix Digital. Here’s what makes us the right managed services provider for you.


Ongoing Managed Support Services


Your website relies heavily on the skills of your managed services provider (MSP). Managed IT providers can save your B2B from spending unnecessary time and money maintaining your internal business processes alone. Magento managed support with Forix can grant your company access to many impressive benefits, including:


  • Quick e-commerce store issue resolutions (within 24 hours)
  • Faster website load times
  • Optimized customer conversion rates
  • All the attractive features and services Magento offers
  • Solutions to security threats and problems
  • A team of experts ensuring website optimization 24/7
  • Dedicated account managers always available to chat
  • Flexible and affordable MSP plans


Managed support services for Magento could be precisely what your B2B needs to succeed. If you think your site could benefit from ongoing maintenance, immediate technical support, savvy web developers, and attention from a trusted agency, count on Forix Digital. Our developers will do everything they can to ensure the long-term success of your Magento website.


24/7 Technical Support and Troubleshooting


A technical issue with your Magento website means a potential dent in sales. Avoid harmful and costly maintenance issues by trusting Forix. We didn’t become a prominent Magento developer by chance. We earned our position over the years by providing ongoing support for our clients’ Magento sites, including constant maintenance and technical support. Our team of developers can resolve most e-commerce store issues in under 24 hours – minimizing the impact to your bottom line.


At Forix Digital, we believe “ongoing Magento support services” means just that – ongoing support and maintenance. Your website doesn’t rest. Neither do we. Businesses around the world, in all different time zones, rely on Forix when they need website help. We keep your site running optimally around the clock, no matter what support services it requires. We’ll never leave your B2B in the dark. That’s what makes us a top Magento agency.


Frequent Website Maintenance and Updates


Your business clients won’t trust an outdated, spotty, or old-looking e-commerce website. Don’t be that vendor. Instead, optimize your site in real-time using key customer data and insights from our services experts. Forix Digital stays on top of exactly what today’s companies look for in B2B vendors, prioritizing the look and responsiveness of your Magento website and offering real-time technical support. We can optimize your site to facilitate a seamless sales funnel, guiding B2B customers straight to the checkout.


Our team of Magento developers can design and incorporate an appealing, rewarding user experience tailored specifically for business customers. Customers using all types of devices and systems will be able to access and navigate your e-commerce site, which will boast mobile-optimized features. Forix developers will continually update your site using the latest best practices and design trend evolutions for constant, stress-free website maintenance.


Data-Driven Customer Insights


You can’t provide the best B2B experience without a website that fulfills specific customer needs. Forix’s managed services for B2Bs come with the tools to collect, interpret, and use customer data to your best advantage. Our developers can help you gather key performance indicators (KPIs) from your website, such as user behaviors, click-through rates, and conversion rates. We can then use this data as a means to craft custom site strategies for your unique customers.


Without data informing your decisions, how can you expect your Magento website to perform at its absolute best? The only way to consistently ensure ongoing site performance is through the support of customer big data. If you’re like most B2B owners, however, you don’t know how to effectively collect and/or use the data that will drive website changes and enhancements. With Forix as your managed services provider, you don’t have to worry. Our developers will crunch the numbers and make changes for you while you focus on other aspects of your business.


Real-Life B2B Site Success Stories


One of the most important things to look for in a top Magento agency is real-life past success stories. Forix is proud of its managed services for dozens of prominent clients, which have elevated B2Bs around the world and achieved real, measurable returns on investment. Take the following three client success stories from our portfolio for example:


  1. We helped this honey and sweetener supplier control content management, enhance the impact of marketing, and improve its products through Magento. This distributor had seven different domains – a website management nightmare. Thanks to Forix, GloryBee now enjoys consolidated content, simple management, and an optimized B2B sales funnel. GloryBee saw a 30 percent increase in revenue and 27 percent increase in wholesale revenue thanks to our help.
  2. Sexy Hair. Sexy Hair needed help building its online presence to connect with mobile B2B customers, which (we found) comprised more than 50 percent of the company’s business. Through our Magento managed services, we created an e-commerce experience tailored to capturing and nurturing the company’s leads. Sexy Hair grew its mobile user rate by 30 percent, mobile conversions by 37 percent, and average time on site by 31 percent since partnering with Forix.
  3. Ergo Depot. Ergo Depot relied on Forix to assist with creating customized products and track a difficult B2B inventory for commercial customers. We provided a new level of website simplicity that ultimately improved e-commerce site sales. More B2B customers completed their purchase online versus over the phone after Forix intervened. A seamless backend management system and easy frontend navigation was part of our services solution for Ergo Depot.


If you’re looking for a B2B Magento agency with the tools, resources, and real-life experience to optimize your company’s e-commerce site completely, Forix Digital is your top choice. Our developers will help your Magento website reach new heights and achieve unparalleled results. We can elevate your B2B business in no time. Contact Forix now to discuss your unique business needs.



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