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UX Audits for Your Magento B2B Website

UX Audits for Your Magento B2B Website
Forix conducts comprehensive UX audits that empirically evaluate your Magento B2B website and provide you with suggestions and solutions for your major issues. You can rely on our Magento ongoing support team to then take your results into consideration in the next stages of your website, from redesign to boosting your growth and other essential services to help your online store thrive.


What Happens During a Forix UX Audit?

UX audits differ from usability tests in that audits rely more on pre-determined goals and standards to measure success rather than understanding problems from user actions. Forix uses all major metrics to conduct their UX audits, such as conversion metrics, UX best practices, traffic and engagement levels, and more.

Forix’s Magento managed support experts also operates by reviewing your business and your objectives to understand what you’re trying to accomplish through your Magento B2B website. We also keep in mind what goals your buyers will have when coming to your website and analyze what the process of achieving those outcomes looks like. All in all, Forix’s Magento managed services team strive to answer essential questions:

• What elements of the site are and are not working?
• How does the relevant data convey user needs?
• What metrics are available and which require collection?
• What previous strategies have been tried and what were their effects on metrics?

Once we have the answers, we move on to provide follow-up recommendations aimed to bolster data-driven redesign and boost conversions and ROI. If you take advantage of Forix’s ongoing managed Magento support services, we’ll then act on those recommendations to update and enhance your website.


When Do You Need a UX Audit? Ask Our Magento Managed Support Team

While you can conduct a UX audit at any time, they produce the best results when completed in the beginning steps of website development or redesign projects, as they can help you iron out issues early on. For additional features and updates, focused usability testing is more suitable for understanding issues than auditing an entire project. Finding the right UX designer can make or break your project. Feel free to reach out to one of Forix’s Magento managed support team members to answer any questions.


Receive a Comprehensive UX Audit and Follow Up Magento Support From Forix’s Magento Experts

While it’s possible to conduct an audit in-house, it’s easy for people attached to a project to not fully recognize all the problems that a UX audit can include. To help receive objective and in-depth analysis of your site and metrics, the team of Magento certified developers at Forix can build a plan and conduct a UX audit with your company’s goals in mind. When you’re ready to act on the audit recommendations, our ongoing managed Magento services provide the 24/7 Magento managed support you need to complete your to-do list and see results.

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