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Top Magento Developer for PIM Integrations

Product Information Management – or PIM – services provide access to a powerful network of data management tools for e-commerce business. Magento, on the other hand, is the web’s leading open-source storefront service. Both services have a wide range of uses for e-commerce, but perhaps the best use of them for your website is integration.


Magento Support


Magento is the top e-commerce platform for the developer and vendor alike. Combining powerful tools with easy to use administration, Magento is a versatile storefront for any website. Forix makes the process easier by giving your company access to ongoing developer and agency technical support to take the burden off running your website. No longer do you need to be bogged down in the maintenance of your website and can instead focus on enhancing your products and brand.


Our experience as a web developer means that we come to your aid with 24/7 support and maintenance to aid any issues you may have. Magento is a useful tool and is generally easy to use, but as an open-source platform, technical support is limited without the right agency at your side.




A PIM comes in many forms, and for the e-commerce developer, the choice is open. The variety of different products has their own beneficial services along with technical maintenance requirements. Forix provides ongoing managed support for any integration you choose with Magento. The Forix ecosystem of partners means our developer tools span a variety of different platforms and can offer the top services your company needs to get the most out of their e-commerce business.


Why Integrate?


While PIMs and Magento are useful services separately, they are even stronger together. Any e-commerce company can benefit by choosing to integrate their Magento based website with the PIM of their choice.


Put simply, integrating Magento with a PIM tool provides managed data solutions on one convenient platform. Any company which sells products on their website also needs to have services in place for their product information. The easiest way to minimize maintenance when you use two separate platform services is to merge the two systems for maximum benefit.


We partner with many of the top PIM developer firms to provide you with managed technical support from beginning to end. Integration with Magento runs smoothly when Forix has your back, and our award-winning agency will work with you to provide ongoing managed support services whenever an issue crops up. We handle maintenance and technical issues that your website faces starting from when you begin integration, all the way to the end.


Our Integrations


Our agency currently partners with three of the leading PIM developers for maximum benefit to your website. We provide managed developer services to integrate and support your Magento website and its relationship to your PIM. This ongoing managed support means that, for as long as your website uses a third-party PIM, Forix is dedicated to collaboration and integration.


As a developer, here are the three PIMs Forix currently collaborates with.


  1. Akeneo


Akeneo is an open-source, customizable developer that allows you to maximize your product – website interactions. Akeneo services allow you to accurately define attributes, descriptions, and integrate images with your text.


When you partner with Forix, we work with you to make Akeneo and Magento work together. Regardless of what platform your products sell through, integrating Akeneo and Magento allows you to update product information across all website points of sale from one easy platform. When you choose Forix to provide these services, we also commit to giving your website the best in ongoing managed, support without compromising your brand identity or user experience.


  1. Salsify PIM


Salsify is a PIM that works great for multinational and multilingual support. Services which use Salsify tend to have rapidly changing information and need to be accessible across different viewing platforms.


Magento integration enhances the base Salsify experience, and vice versa, as they were both built for e-commerce website use. Integration with Magento keeps your website up-to-date regardless of location, even across different platforms such as Amazon.


As with any of our services, partnering with Forix gives you access to managed, ongoing technical support for your Salsify–Magento integration.


  1. EnterWorks PIM


Integration with Magento allows your EnterWorks PIM services to work cross-platform. A partnership between Magento and EnterWorks streamlines the onboarding process for suppliers by making your product information more accessible via in-unit search engines. Personalized product information works through the different marketplaces and enhances the already-powerful Magento experience.


Forix is here to help you with your Magento-EnterWorks integration, and our team will help manage your systems as the two services merge, providing technical support on demand.


About Us


Forix is an award-winning developer for the Magento e-commerce website market. We offer Magento ongoing support for your website during and after integration. From website security and data integrity, all the way to design and user experience, our managed services enhance your e-commerce value. Check out our portfolio, and contact us with any questions.



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