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Understanding Magento Managed Support For Your Website

magento managed support for your website
Spend Less Time on Site Management


Stop worrying about site maintenance and start focusing your efforts elsewhere. By outsourcing your Magento website maintenance, you can get back to the other important aspects of your business, like nurturing leads and finding new products for your storefront. Magento ongoing support from top Magento agency Forix is ready at any time to help you increase your sales and decrease your stress. Less time spent on site management is more time you can spend on something else.


Automatic Site Backup


Have you ever experienced a complete site crash? If you have, you probably know the importance of automatic site backups. If you haven’t, don’t find out the hard way that you’ve lost everything. Our Magento managed services back everything up for you automatically, saving you the hassle. When something goes wrong, we’ll be two steps ahead, putting the pieces back together. You’ll have peace of mind wherever you go that your information is safe, and someone will monitor your site for any interruptions in service.


Enjoy Coverage all the Time


Never lose sleep over who is monitoring your website again. Magento managed support from Forix is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. Now you really can take that vacation or just focus your efforts somewhere else. You will always have coverage, giving you the peace of mind to focus your efforts on other aspects of your business. No matter where you are, your website holds the power to complete a sale.


Improve Site Performance


Because you have 24/7 monitoring, Magento ongoing support from Forix improves overall performance. You can rest easy knowing you’ve got a dedicated team standing behind you, ready to jump into action if needed. Your customers will appreciate the smooth performance and will tell all their friends how easy it was to access your site.


Increased Analytics


Magento’s dashboard offers many tools for business success. With the help of support from Forix, you’ll be able to monitor what is happening on your website, from your conversion rate to your bounce rate. Everything is right there on your dashboard. If you have a question, top Magento agency Forix will be more than happy to answer it for you. Don’t let analytics scare you. Our experts will help your business succeed and show you where you need to make a change. Embrace the numbers and use them as a tool to gain more customers. Strive for success on your eCommerce store with Adobe Magento.

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