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Unique Customer Segmentation Tips to Drive Sales

Customer Segmentation to Drive Sales
E-commerce is a growing industry with immense potential for the enterprising business. Developing an e-commerce website has low startup costs and is low-maintenance compared to traditional retail. Unfortunately for many businesses, however, e-commerce is a highly competitive market, and making a name for yourself requires rising above the crowd. One effective way of gaining momentum is through the use of effective customer segmentation.


What Is Customer Segmentation?


Put simply, segmentation is a classic marketing technique that divides a customer base into its constituent elements. Different segments of a business’s commercial base include demographic groups, groups defined by their behaviors, and groups based on distinct regions. Because an e-commerce website is available across the world, developing a firm understanding of this diverse client base is essential to growing your business.


An e-commerce website functions best when combined with powerful ongoing support, managed technical services, and a targeted, customized market segmentation strategy. There are a variety of ways the enterprising Magento website developer can enhance their e-commerce experience, including by partnering with a leading developer to provide top quality customer support as a lead moves through the funnel.


The Basis of Segmentation


Understanding your customers requires raw numbers and data. Fortunately, integrating your website with managed Magento services – especially if organized by a top developer – provides access to a large amount of analytic information to improve your segmentation marketing.


Many Magento users are unaware of the maximum power they could have with their services. Magento, for example, has a support system called Business Intelligence Pro which provides powerful support for marketing analytics. Choosing ongoing managed support services with a top Magento agency takes the work of maintenance for your analytics off your shoulders.


You have a variety of options available for ongoing segmentation, such as:


  • Demographic customers support ongoing – age, gender, etc.
  • Geographic factors – where a customer is in the world.
  • Psychographic factors – elements like hobbies, lifestyles and mindsets such as environmental concern.
  • Behavior – when does a customer come into your store? Why are they shopping? How often do they shop?


Making the Most of Magento


An important process for e-commerce stores with a physical location as well as a website is to integrate the two shopping experiences for maximum benefit. Magento offers managed order services that can enhance your customers’ experience and allow you to offer the in-store attention with online versatility.


Before you can make the most of your Magento services, you should clearly understand your customer base. Younger, tech-savvy customers for example, are more likely to be interested in using your website services. Do your customers prefer to visit your store only for research, but are more interested in making purchases on your website? Integrate your online services with the brick-and-mortar location, with kiosks for web purchases on site.


Managing your Magento commerce services allows you to target brackets within your customer base, permitting your marketing campaigns to approach the best group at any time. Personalized email campaigns, for example, offer you a specialized targeted campaign to increase your conversion rates and retain a customer base.


Magento allows users to create unique, customized customer segments. These segments may be created based on several different factors, such as order history, shopping cart contents, or addresses. The power of Magento services means that you can quickly develop targeted campaigns based on market research conducted entirely in-house, using the same platform you use to run your website with little maintenance.


While you manage your market research, don’t forget to include prospects in your calculations. Determine who is a potential customer – much easier if you have a brick and mortar site to gather information – and pursue those leads. Create as many customer and prospect profiles as possible to develop your future campaigns. A managed campaign offers the best benefit when it comes to generating leads.


Promotions are a tried and true tactic for generating consistent customer interest. With Magento, you can customize your managed segmentation to target specific groups with specific promotions. It is always possible, for example, to create customized email alerts about similar products to those your customers purchase.


Personalization is an excellent touch when it comes to your customer base. For low-maintenance, you can establish an email marketing campaign for repeat customers to set reminders for their shopping cart, or to entice first-time buyers into purchasing again.


There are also important options that you can use for any customer, such as technical support – particularly for VIP customers. Having a customer care agent line allows you to provide managed customer interactions to ensure the best experience as a customer moves through the purchasing funnel.


Magento Managed Services


Conducting maintenance for your Magento website has never been easier. Partnering with an experienced Magento developer agency opens up the maximum potential for your business. Ongoing support, such as the package offered by developer Forix, allows you to breathe easier while we take on the burden of creating your Magento website and unlocking the potential of customer segmentation and more.


Forix provides different developer services depending on your needs as an e-commerce website owner. From Magento Managed Support, to routine ongoing maintenance, we will collaborate with you to create a powerful website that maximizes your brand’s potential, using our skills as a developer to increase your revenue along the way.


Having an experienced developer on your team allows you to provide managed technical support and maintenance for your Magento store, therefore allowing you to prioritize your market research, your customer care, and enhancing your product lineup. We take over the backend technical side of your storefront, allowing you to devote more attention to retaining leads.


Call a Forix expert to discuss how to drive your sales.

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