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Update Your Magento Mobile Site to Increase Conversion Rates

Magento Mobile Site Increases Conversion Rates
While mobile devices are quickly becoming the preferred method of browsing and completing purchases for online shoppers, there’s little more frustrating than attempting to navigate a desktop version of a website on a smartphone or tablet. This holds especially true for online shopping, which needs to be as straightforward and seamless as possible to benefit your conversion rates.

Fortunately, Magento websites have access to several different features and extensions that make getting your online store ready for mobile easy and effective. With Forix Magento ongoing support, you can know that your Magento store is mobile ready with everything it needs to play a part in your CRO strategy.


Magento Theme Switcher

One simple tool that does a lot of the work for you in getting your mobile site ready is the Magento theme switcher. This extension allows you to have your store’s layout automatically become browser and OS compatible, making it quickly accessible across devices. As a free extension, Magento Theme Switcher is the least you can do to ensure you have a mobile compatible store that’s ready and operational. Forix’s Magento support services team can easily implement this extension for you.


Neddev Magento Mobile Theme

Like the official Magento mobile themes, Neddev is another option for increasing your e-commerce site’s functionality through an easy install. One of the big advantages to this theme over the official Magento version is that it has advanced customization options, which better enable you to build and adjust your preferred website layout and design.



For both mobile website compatibility and other mobile marketing features, ShopGate can help you build the most practical solution for CRO. It helps set up your website to be perfect for phones and tablets, plus it can even facilitate building your own native app to extend your customer’s shopping experiences, including mobile coupons and push notifications.


Responsive Admin Template

This template allows for intuitive adjustments to your design and layout that fits with all forms of mobile devices. You can create an easily navigable and eye-catching layout that’s also simple to adjust as an admin. You also have the option to perform further customization through Bootstrap.


Discounts & Promotions Extensions

Discounts and promotions are a great way to facilitate business, but sometimes getting those offers in front of customers takes a little adjustment. The Magento Discounts & Promotions extension allows you to create custom deals for customers, like daily offers and discount creation – all with attractive designs. And, yes, the extension works on mobile, too, allowing you to reach all your customers.



To help build a mobile shopping platform from your existing Magento website, Mobify is no doubt one of your strongest options. It helps to take your established site and convert it into a mobile-friendly setup while considering different aspects like touch security and payments. You also get helpful customer experience metrics, all without needing to make too many modifications or tweaks once Mobify has finished. You can explore and implement any of these extensions with the help of the Magento managed services team at Forix.

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