Email Marketing Strategy Boosts CRO
When you’re looking to boost conversion rates, one of the essential elements to look at is encouraging repeat sales from previous customers. Product recommendations and customer follow up are essential to making the most out of your existing customer base, and one of the most powerful tools for that is already in your grasp: email.

A strong email campaign can lead to higher conversion rates and purchases in any business campaign. For online businesses, email is an essential way to provide personalized customer interactions to substitute for lack of person-to-person communication. B2B businesses receive their highest levels of digital ROI from email marketing.

When you’re looking to bolster your CRO strategy, think about your email campaigns and follow these tips.


Optimize Your Email Campaigns for Mobile

Just as more online shoppers are shifting their focus to mobile devices for browsing stores and making purchases, people read more emails on mobile devices than any other. Since you can expect your customers to see your email materials on a phone rather than a desktop, you must make sure they can easily read emails on mobile.

Short, punchy writing in small paragraphs is the key to success, both in your subject line and body of the email. Larger fonts, appropriate use of white space, and single columns will make the mail much easier to read. Whatever links and CTA buttons you have should be visible, easily clickable, and able to run on mobile devices.


Use Clear Language

Mobile users want to get the information they need in a timely manner. Any copy in your emails that’s confusing won’t do you much good. Think about your audience’s needs and craft your content around that. Unless you’re sending out a regular newsletter to industry professionals, it’s best to leave the jargon behind and write as simply as possible.


Include Custom Recommendations

Your customers may have certain categories they regularly search or items they routinely purchase. When you implement the tools to track that data and understand your customers’ patterns, you can then provide them with custom product recommendations that appeal to their tastes. When customers get an email about these products, they’re more likely to head to your site and make a follow-up purchase.


Place Elements in the Right Place

Even if you have all the best content in your email, you still need to consider how to arrange it. Customers look for certain elements in certain places – and they may miss it if something is in a different place than expected. For example, people search for logos in the upper-left corner of an email, and CTA buttons that appear above the fold are more successful than those below. When everything is in the right place, you make it easier for customers to complete conversions.


Optimizing Your Magento Website Email Campaign

Magento websites already have several tools in place to facilitate your email campaign efforts, and Forix’s Magento managed support can help you implement your best CRO strategy through data-driven testing and design.

Reach out to learn more about Magento support services.