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Updating Your Magento Website

Update your Magento Website
Magento has quickly become a popular choice for e-commerce around the world. Its robust program allows for mobile optimization, design customization, quick loading times, and numerous extensions which truly allow for a comprehensive e-commerce platform. The release of Magento 2 allows for an even better version of what Magento has to offer.


If you’re already using Magento, you don’t want to skip over the updating process. Forix can help you switch your website over, allowing you bring your e-commerce website to the next level.


Reasons to Upgrade to Magento 2

Updating to Magento 2 shouldn’t just seem like an option available to you; you should treat it as a priority to put your website in the best position possible.


Updated Speed


You probably already know that a slow-running site will damage your sales. Customers want a convenient experience, and waiting to load a web page or completing isn’t an option for them – so it shouldn’t be an option for your website. When customers have fast access to your site, they’re more likely to complete purchases. Speed is also an important component of your SEO strategy as well.


On a technical level, Magento 2 provides better database architecture and page caching. Which help contribute to its boost in speed. Not only does it provide a speedy customer experience in your e-commerce store, it also increases your backend connections as well, giving you faster access to all your necessary data.




When we say user-friendly, we mean for you. Magento 2’s interface is very intuitive, allowing for more efficient work and completion of tasks. Navigation and search have both seen some optimization, so you can speed up your day-to-day tasks in that realm.


Magento 2 also provides you with quick access to your sales and order data. This information is more enhanced than what you see on Magento 1, giving you a more comprehensive picture of how your website is doing. With all the data in one place, it’s easier than ever to monitor your business effectively.




Magento 1 already offers a variety of extensions, due in large part to its open source status. Magento 2 has even more innovative extensions available for you to get the most out of your website. Upgrading gives you access to these customization elements, in turn handing you more control over how your website runs and looks.


Faster Checkouts


A slow checkout process can easily lead to an abandoned cart. Magento 2 offers better mobile optimization for checking out items, bringing convenience to where your customers are. You can also implement Instant Purchase into your store, letting returning customers save their billing address and payment information for a one-click checkout process. Since you can make much more money from returning customers, this feature makes the process even easier.


Chance of Magento 1 Updates Stopping


Magento 2 has been available since 2015. During that time, Magento 1 has still received regular updates, but that may not be the case forever. If you’re still on the old system, then you’ll be putting your website at risk when updates stop. Upgrading to Magento 2 can help you avoid technical and maintenance support issues.


Letting Forix Update Your Magento Website


You may have difficulties in making time to update your website, or maybe you have concerns about downtime interrupting your flow of business. And while you can make the upgrade yourself, unless you have developer knowledge, you may not be able to complete the process to keep your website in top shape.


With Forix’s top developer team providing you with Magento managed support, updating your Magento website is easier than ever. Our levels of technical skill can help you complete your website update smoothly. We provide ongoing support and maintenance for every step of the process:


  • Installing Magento 2
  • Updating the Magento database
  • Moving Magento themes and extensions
  • Testing the resulting website
  • Making your updated Magento site live


A top developer is essential to making sure your website is still functional after the upgrade – and to making sure you can take full advantage of everything Magento 2 has to offer. Our ongoing managed support services can keep your website in top shape as it adjusts to the update. With maintenance, we can handle any issues that arise after your new site goes live.


When you want to implement new extensions available to Magento 2, our top developer team can handle any requests you have to help fully customize your website. When you want to enhance your customer experience, Forix’s ongoing managed support services are familiar with all the available Magento features, letting you enhance both the design and site processes.


Staying up-to-date on available website upgrades can be a difficult task, especially when it involves migrating the entire site to a new version. Forix’s technical support is here to make sure you don’t just make it to Magento 2 – but you and your e-commerce website thrive with the new tools available to you.


While previous versions of Magento can serve you well, letting your website remain on an outdated version won’t allow your website to take full advantage of this platform. When you have Forix’s Magento managed support developer team on your side, website updates become a smooth process that puts your website into the best possible position to support your business.



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