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Upgrade Your Website with Magento

Upgrade Your Website with Magento
Magento e-commerce solutions are powerful services for the enterprising digital merchant. As a flexible and scalable website platform, Magento offers limitless customizability and diversity for e-commerce vendors. With a variety of integrations to choose from as well, Magento enhances the customer experience and functionality for the developer. Get the most out of the platform by working with top Magento agency Forix.


What Is Magento?


Magento is an e-commerce platform developed to serve as a one-size-fits-all service for digital merchants. There are a few different component parts to Magento, including the e-commerce platform, Magento Shipping, e-commerce cloud services and more. What distinguishes Magento is that it is scalable and comes with a variety of developer services, tools and integrations for an e-commerce website.


Why Choose Magento?


When you upgrade your website to Magento, you have a variety of choices to improve and enhance your customer experience. Ongoing support for your website comes from a diverse array of backend plugins, additions and integrations. A few different ways that an e-commerce website can improve conversions, ROI and the customer experience with Magento include:


  1. Enhance the Shopping Experience


Magento integrates with services such as Amazon Pay for checkout. An e-commerce website making use of these features provides powerful functionality for customers, many of whom expect easy access and quick service in today’s digital market.


Most e-commerce customers today expect a few similar elements form their store of choice. Cheap and efficient shipping is one of the most common, and with Magento Shipping integration, your website can have quick access to different carriers, allowing you to provide maximum transparency and ease of use for your online customers.


  1. Expanded Options and Support


Integrations like Klarna allow e-commerce website shoppers to choose the payment options that work best for them. The ongoing managed services that come with Magento allow for a greater level of customization for whatever type of business you offer.


  1. Powerful Analytics Support


Paired with add-on software such as Business Intelligence Pro, Magento allows a website developer to track vital statistics and conduct in-house market research. These managed services provide ongoing support for your business, allowing you to create custom customer segments and targeted promotional campaigns.


  1. Superior Managed Inventory


With superior cloud-based data support, Magento allows a website to track inventory in a superior platform. Tracking sales allows you to quickly update inventory entries and provide low-maintenance solutions to some of e-commerce’s most common supply chain problems.


  1. Mobile Support Optimization


Mobile support is generally high maintenance, requiring significant resources to launch and develop. At the same time, failing to develop a mobile website can have drastic consequences for the enterprising e-commerce merchant. Magento, however, comes with ongoing managed support services to maximize mobile website functionality.


Abandoned cart syndrome is a real problem for e-commerce vendors. Mobile users represent some of the most common cart-droppers, and in most cases this is because of inconvenience from mobile support. Maximizing your mobile optimization, therefore, minimizes your risk of losing a transaction. To increase conversions, you must make the process more user-friendly, making it much more enjoyable and rewarding for your loyal customers.


  1. Integrations


Along with some of the most popular e-commerce solutions and services like Amazon Pay, Magento integrates with a variety of other managed services, ranging from CRMs like SalesForce, to ERPs and other developer tools. This is part of what makes Magento so flexible, by permitting you to expand your company and website without needing a complicated network of unconnected services.


When you choose Magento, you choose a single package of ongoing managed services that have the flexibility necessary to support your business, large or small. Technical support and maintenance are far easier with Magento because it is already integrated with several different services, making it much easier to update and continue expanding your website and its structure. All of these factors explain why Magento is the top e-commerce platform for B2B or B2C companies.


Choosing the Right Developer


So, you’ve decided to upgrade to Magento e-commerce services. How do you get the most out of your new managed website support? The most obvious answer is to partner with an experienced, top-level development agency who can build your Magento-based website from the ground up. Enter Forix – a leading provider of ongoing managed services for Magento users and websites.


When you choose Forix to provide technical maintenance, upgrade your website, and implement Magento, you choose a leading agency with over 750 website launches. Our work has seen tremendous improvement for our clients, including massive ROI, conversion rates, and retained customer loyalty. Take a look at the Forix portfolio to see a few case studies of success and get a sample of what we have to offer you.


Collaboration with Forix means managed technical support and quick resolution to all your maintenance concerns. We provide regular development support for your website as well as timely issue resolution and upgrades as needed. Much like Magento, our resources are scalable to your needs – and we will work with you to provide the technical support you need to make the most of your business. By partnering with Forix, you add a team of experienced Magento Managed Support experts in the field to your side, allowing us to handle your maintenance needs while you get back to growing your brand. Reach out to a digital expert and start the journey with us today.


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