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Using Magento for B2B

B2B businesses that embrace a shift to ecommerce can meet client demands, quickly scale their businesses, and create a competitive advantage. Magento 2 provides B2B businesses with features focused on the distinctive nature of business-to-business transactions. Consider a Magento 2-based ecommerce platform to overcome modern ecommerce challenges and reach your customers with a seamless online experience.

An Overview of the B2B Ecommerce Space


The B2B ecommerce market is changing rapidly. Before long, retail giants such as Amazon may enter the space and cause significant disruptions for sellers across the world. Distributors who deliver a competitive and integrated online experience can hedge against such market disruptions and preserve their client bases.


Business-to-consumer companies have always been leaders in ecommerce. Today, business-to-business companies are incorporating proven online selling tactics from the B2C space to optimize their own multi-channel sales strategies.


To enter the ecommerce space effectively, B2B companies need technology capable of managing large and complex inventories and providing value-added functionality to business account holders. Solutions such as the Magento 2 platform streamline B2B transactions to deliver a competitive purchasing experience in this quickly evolving ecommerce field.

Benefits of Using Magento for B2B Sales


B2B selling is very different from B2C selling. Companies often provide multilevel pricing, offer pre-order and ongoing fulfillment support, and handle complex transactions. Customer businesses often rely on the personalized support of a B2B account manager to offer personalized deals and streamline the buying process.


Few ecommerce platforms offer the multifaceted features B2B businesses need to justify a transition to full-service online sales. Magento 2 is one of them. The company continues to optimize its platform to serve the needs of B2B retailers. Magento 2 currently provides many B2B friendly features including:


  • Add to cart by stock keeping unit (SKU). Account holders can use this feature to easily add products to an order. The user can pull SKUs from print catalogs and past purchases to create an order without ever going into a product page.


  • Commercial account management. Create tiers for users and customers to provide customized experiences for different types of customers and product categories. Administrators can set rules and permissions to ensure a streamlined account management experience.


  • Flexible payment. The platform offers payment card industry (PCI)-compliant and secure payment options. Additional B2B-friendly payment options create value in each transaction. Incorporate order limits, invoice options, and credit options to meet the needs of various customers.


  • Personalized catalogs and price lists. Add more value to the client relationship with customized product lists and bulk pricing breakdowns based on volume and current per-unit costs. Create catalogs and lists based on customer categories and individual customer needs.


  • Quote workflow requests. Manage and address quote requests with robust capabilities for price lists, payment options, customer authentications, and more. Streamline the quote process to save time and earn more sales with Magento 2.


  • Inventory visibility across locations. Provide customers with convenient shipping options without complicating inventory management. The platform allows customers to manage inventory in real time across locations and to choose the best possible fulfillment source for customer savings.


  • Integration/business scaling capabilities. Use the customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and other tools your company knows and loves with Magento’s integration capabilities. Connect and manage account profiles with ease with real-time system communications and more than 9,000 available plugins and extensions.


These represent only some of the ways B2B businesses take advantage of the Magento 2 platform – the number one B2B ecommerce platform. The platform is also security-friendly, SEO-ready, and user-friendly. Administrators, inventory managers, sales teams, and others will appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of the platform.

Finding a B2B Magento 2 Developer


A great B2B purchasing experience can give your business a significant advantage over the competition. Partner with Forix to see how a migration to the Magento 2 platform can transform your B2B sales strategies. As a premier Magento Enterprise partner with over 60 Magento 2 certifications, we look forward to helping B2B brands develop and maintain winning online experiences. Whether you’re looking for a new build, or seeking to optimize your current Magento website with managed support services, contact our team today to learn more about how we can help.

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