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Enhance Quote Requests and Tracking on Your B2B Website

Quote Requests and Tracking on Your B2B Website
Traditionally, the quoting process for B2B occurred through contacting a supplier and discussing the pricing details. Most modern-day B2B buyers, however, don’t want to go through the hassle of calling a company and waiting for a response. Instead, they want quoting systems that allow for remote access and a quick return to their regular business, allowing them to come back to their quote request when it suits their schedule.

Integrating quote requests and tracking into your Magento B2B store allows you to provide these options for your customers, encouraging further business interactions that allow you to better meet your customer’s needs. Top eCommerce developer Forix’s Magento managed support team can help integrate and streamline these features into your B2B online store.


Enhanced Quote Systems

Quoting systems allow your buyers to feel as if you as a merchant value their business, which is critical for establishing the long-term and trusting relationships B2B companies are after. Automated quotes do even better because they allow your customers to dictate their quotes at their own pace. These features go a long way toward meeting your buyer’s expectations and maintaining their business.

Your B2B store’s automated quotes system should be able to manage complex orders that take place even through self-service ordering. Magento B2B tools and extensions allow you to do just that, providing real-time quotes based on product and customer data – while also updating your sales forecasts and preparing your business in the process. If you’re curious about these enhanced quote systems, call Forix’s Magento ongoing support team to learn if this is necessary for your business.


Up to Date Quote Tracking with Magento Managed Support There For You

Buyers also always want to have ready access to their quote status, whether it’s still pending, under review, or approved. Even more so, your buyers want to have access to this information everywhere – even on their smartphones. When your customers can review their most current quote status, they can better handle their business, which reflects well on your store when considering additional purchases.

Both default Magento tools and additional extensions can provide this information whenever your customers need it, keeping them up-to-date on their order and the status of their purchase . Many extensions combine both quote generation and tracking with additional tools, providing you with comprehensive solutions to meet your customer’s needs and enhance your sales.


Finding Your Ideal Quoting Solution With Forix’s Magento Managed Services

Your Magento B2B eCommerce website should strive to match your customers’ expectations, and your quoting process is part of that. Automated quotes and tracking both enable you to handle personalized customer interactions quickly and efficiently. However, your quoting needs may not match available Magento solutions in a straightforward manner.

The certified Magento managed services experts at Forix learn about your business and then provide customized solutions that match your brand and goals. We can find the right available tools and extensions to create the ideal quote and tracking system for your website, or we can develop a custom solution that enables the ultimate streamlined experience for your customers.

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