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What to Expect From Magento Support Services

Magento is a premier eCommerce platform – one of the most powerful in the world. To tap into all that power, you need help from top developers. That’s where Magento support services come in. Instead of managing your Magento site on your own, entrust your store to the hands of dozens of technical experts, website specialists, eCommerce store developers, and dedicated account managers. If you know you want to invest in Magento support services, learn what to expect to make your experience as beneficial as possible.


24/7 Magento eCommerce Site Monitoring


Ever wonder if your Magento website is letting sales slip through the cracks? With managed support services, you don’t have to. You’ll rest assured that a team of top developers is monitoring your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week for ways to improve your online store. Around-the-clock website support means instant notifications if something is amiss, or better yet – the ability to know if your website has vulnerabilities before a hacker takes advantage of them.


Having an agency of experts watching your website for slow download speeds, “Page Not Found” error messages, shopping cart glitches, and other common eCommerce site problems can put you a step ahead of the competition. While they’re bogged down by security glitches, hackers, and website technical difficulties, you’ll excel with a website that’s safe, secure, and operating at optimal efficiency. You can continue to serve your customers and earn their trust while your competitors deal with costly problems – all thanks to Magento support services.


Our 24/7 website monitoring can help your website stay up to date on maintenance and IT concerns. You won’t have to worry whether a minor or major issue is costing you business. Your team of developers will keep you informed with regular maintenance checks and audit reports. You also won’t be in the dark about your website’s performance or how you measure up to competitors in the industry. You’ll know exactly what’s going on with your eCommerce store at all times, giving you more opportunities for upgrades and optimization.


Efficient, Affordable Website and Store Maintenance


Magento website maintenance is probably the least-liked task for store owners. While you probably want to focus on your business and your customers, your Magento store is begging for maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. Instead of dealing with these tasks yourself, trust an experienced subject matter expert to maintain your site for you. With managed support services, you don’t have to handle maintenance on your own. A special agency of developers will achieve the best possible results on your behalf.


The right managed services provider can mean developers taking website maintenance one step further – into total store optimization. Instead of scheduling an entirely different time to consult about how you can improve your eCommerce store, your Magento web developers will give you a rundown of everything they believe you could do to improve your site based on actual data from your customers’ shopping behaviors.


That’s right – there’s a reason your competitors are all investing in Magento support services. Professional technical support, website maintenance, and other ongoing managed services mean access not only to loads of personalized data, but to analysts who can interpret this data in a way that translates into real boosts for your site. This gives you the power to constantly provide the best user experience possible for your shoppers, no matter how much the eCommerce industry has evolved. Your website will change with the times and according to your customers’ needs.


Marketing Experts Providing Campaign Help


Creating, managing, and launching an eCommerce marketing campaign is no small task. Support from a top Magento agency, however, can help you shrink your task list and achieve the results you desire. A good managed services provider will support your campaigns through landing page optimization, 24/7 technical maintenance, and enhanced website performance. While your ongoing support agency handles the behind-the-scenes aspect of your store, you can focus on other aspects of your marketing plan.


Good marketing is vital to driving more business and warm leads to your website. You can’t expect increases in site traffic if your target audience doesn’t know your brand exists. The poignancy and success of your marketing campaigns doesn’t only depend on the message you’re sending but also the performance of your website when leads find your landing pages. Working with a trusted developer on optimizing your Magento site can make all the difference to your marketing return on investment.


See how the award-winning designers and experienced developers at Forix helped these clients succeed. Forix boosts the success of eCommerce clients through ongoing support services such as automation, branding, mobile improvements, easier product discovery, multi-channel marketing, and scalable stores. Managed services through Forix can give you the answers, tools, and help from top developers you need for better marketing campaigns. Marketing assistance is just one way Forix helps digital stores highlight their online presences.


Top Magento Developers Focused on Your Success


The minor details of what you might expect from your Magento ongoing managed services might change from agency to agency, but one thing should remain the same – an unflagging dedication to your store’s success. Whether success means attracting more qualified leads, simplifying the sales funnel, or cinching more sales, your support provider should have everything your website needs and more. It all comes down to how committed your developers are to your store’s success.


Forix excels at customer service. We understand that high-functioning Magento stores need constant monitoring, maintenance, and technical support to operate at maximum performance. We achieve these goals through one-on-one client support. We assign a dedicated account manager and more than 100 experienced employees and developers to each website to ensure its success. Our ongoing Magento support services for eCommerce sites is part of what makes us a top agency.


Our expansive network of digital experts can take your eCommerce site to the next level. Say goodbye to outdated code, being a step behind the latest trends, and losing customers to your competitors. Say hello to managed support services with Forix. Our team has exactly what you need to succeed. We’ve earned a reputation for excellence in the industry, in large part because of our unwavering commitment to seeing our clients’ stores reach their goals. If you want to join our list of satisfied clients, contact Forix today.



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