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Why CRO Matters to Your E-Commerce Site

CRO Matters to Your E-Commerce Website
If you’re in the e-commerce business, then you know that conversions are everything to how you keep your store in operation. After all, if customers aren’t making purchases, then you don’t have any profits. While conversions go a bit deeper than just purchases, they’re still an essential component of your business model. In this article you will learn about CRO and more specifically, how Forix’s Magento ongoing support team will help boost your website.


Understanding Conversions and Conversion Rate

Conversions refer to when a website visitor completes a desired action. For e-commerce, conversions are primarily whenever a customer selects a product and completes the checkout process. There are also smaller micro-conversions, such as mailing list sign-ups and product reviews. All these come together to help you meet your goals and allow your business to grow.

Your conversion rate is then the ratio of users that complete your desired action to how many total site visitors you have. A higher conversion rate means that customers are completing more purchases, which brings more profits, which is what you’re aiming for as an online store.

Still unclear or want to learn more about conversion rate optimization? Reach out to a Forix conversion rate specialist on the Magento managed services team to hear more.


Conversion Rate Optimization and Your E-Commerce Site

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is then the process of updating your website and strategies to ultimately boost your number of conversions. Like how SEO brings visitors to your site, CRO then turns those visitors into customers. If you already have decent site traffic but not as many completed conversions as you’d like, then CRO is what you should be focusing on for your Magento website.

CRO helps you:

  • Boost your sales
  • Understand your customers
  • Attract more customers
  • Lowers customer acquisition costs
  • Improves your brand perception
  • Improve your SEO
  • Create repeat customers

One positive purchasing experience may be all it takes for a customer to return to you again – just like one negative experience can make them decide to go somewhere else. CRO takes into consideration all stages of the online ordering process, including checkout, payment, and shipping. Without these stages optimized for customer convenience, you risk cart abandonment and losing business on your Magento website.

Without CRO, your e-commerce business will likely stagnate, and you’ll only see limited growth, if any at all. Every e-commerce website can benefit from CRO strategies, but no one-size-fits-all method will guarantee more conversions. You need to consider your existing customer base, your goals, and what the average conversion rate is in your industry.

If you want help evaluating your current customer base is, connect with someone on our Magento managed support team, and they are happy to answer any of your questions.

Focused Services to Build and Implement Your Best CRO Strategy for your Magento Website

Your CRO strategy should be unique to your website, and Forix’s Magento managed services can help. We specialize in e-commerce websites and stay up-to-date on all industry standards. Our skilled developers can perform an audit on your site, design a strategy that fits your business goals, and implement all necessary testing and updates so that your online store provides the best possible experience for customers. Whether your site is on Magento or another platform, top developer agency Forix’s Magento ongoing support team can help with all your CRO needs.


Call to learn more about conversion rate optimization on your Magento website.



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