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Why Magento? Key Benefits of the Magento Ecommerce Platform


People no longer have to wait in lines to buy a movie ticket, fingers-crossed, wondering if all the tickets will be sold out. People no longer have to travel across town to go shopping for their favorite sweater. Thanks to tremendous growth of e-commerce, these things can be done easily, at your fingertips, in your own home. E-commerce websites and mobile applications should aim for customer satisfaction so that the customer can easily navigate the site and browse the products to eventually make their purchase.

Magento has taken care of all of these key expectations from the customer’s point of view and provides a complete package that can be tailored to all types of businesses, ranging from small-scale “Mom and Pop” stores to international businesses.

Some of the key benefits provided by Magento:

Display of Multiple Product Images:

An e-commerce customer decides whether or not to buy a product based on the images provided by the online store. Even though the user may not be able to physically select the product, the user should be given enough details about the product so that the customer gets to know its look and feel. Magento has a wonderful feature that displays multiple images of a particular product, allowing the customer to view all of its features and attributes. Just hovering or rolling over the product can showcase different dimensions of the product and provide a virtual, yet realistic, demonstration. This particular feature of Magento is unbeatable and has played a giant role in the huge success rate of its users.


Magento allows the customer to zoom-in on a particular product image and view its details/attributes. This is like a simulation mimicking the physical exploration of a product by the customer.

This is best suited for online shopping of clothing when you can choose the color and size of your item. The holistic image with the zooming functionality allows you to have a complete exploration of the product until you are satisfied. Above all, you can visualize all the multiple options of that particular product just by sitting in front of your computer.

Catalog browsing

Magento has implemented catalog level browsing that simplifies the browsing of a product. You can make your selection easily going through the catalogs.

Product review and comparisons

Side-by-side product reviews and comparisons by Magento have made shopping extremely easy for online store users. Now retailers can display a wide range of product reviews and also compare with other operators, ultimately helping the customer make a choice.

Some of the top online marketing businesses that have benefited greatly from Magento include:

Liberty High School

This is a successful online business that allows for shopping of goods and contributing to school funds at the same time. This website is powered by Magento to enhance its capabilities and process millions of SKUs and thousands of storefronts for campaigns efficiently.

Adidas 3SI

This is yet another instructor campaign that provides goods to teachers, therapists, and trainers, etc., at discounted prices. This is completely powered by Forix in partnership with Magento for excellent customer satisfaction.

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