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Your Magento Support Services Timeline

When you make the decision to invest in the Magento platform and Magento managed services from Forix, you can rest assured knowing your implementation will rollout gracefully and start boosting your conversion rate more quickly than you may anticipate. If you are considering how Forix can help you capitalize on the versatility, agility, and reliability of the Magento platform, it’s a good idea to know what to expect.


The Forix Timeline for Magento Ongoing Support


When you come to Forix for your Magento managed support you can rely on us to take your unique brand into account and develop a Magento solution that works for your business model. We start by conducting a comprehensive series of tests concerning your user experience (UX), past analytics, and site usability. We’ll help you develop user personas to identify your core consumer archetypes and develop solutions tailored to your consumer base. We also use heat mapping and stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends so we can develop a Magento solution that scales to your business model and addresses your brand’s needs in your market.


Next, we begin with wireframes for your eCommerce site and UX design to build the foundation of your Magento eCommerce platform. Using competitive analysis, user research, simplified taxonomy, and robust information architecture we will develop detailed wireframes and start mapping the conversion path for your customers. We then use our in-house team of visual designers to implement visually engaging user experiences with intuitive user interfaces, interactivity, and stunning iconography.


Your Magento support services from Forix don’t stop there; we wrap up the development phase using our deep technical knowledge and vast reservoir of experience to develop clear expectations for your new Magento eCommerce site and connected technologies. If you already use the Adobe Experience Manager, we can help you implement Magento seamlessly into your existing digital asset library and content management system or help you develop these areas from the ground up.


After wrapping the development phase, we move to testing and quality assurance. We use a 100-point checklist to ensure your implementation rolls out seamlessly. Our extensive quality assurance process helps ensure your new Magento eCommerce platform performs as expected on a wide range of internet-capable devices, particularly mobile devices that now host the majority of web traffic.


To get the most out of your investment our support services do not stop at rollout; we offer strategic insights, A/B testing, platform support, and regular analytics analysis to ensure your Magento eCommerce platform scales to your growing business and adapts to changing market trends and consumer issues.


To learn more about your timeline, speak to a Magento expert at Forix.



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