Celerant ERP Integration with Magento

Celerant ERP Integration with Magento

Celerant ERP is one of the highest ranked systems in multichannel retail software. It combines facets of retailing, including point-of-sale transactions, back office sales, e-commerce, inventory management, fulfillment processing, and more. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform used by more than 200,000 online retailers. Integrating the tool allows businesses to use the capabilities of both from one dashboard.


Benefits of a Celerant ERP Integration


It’s estimated that one in four businesses uses Magento software for e-commerce. Many startups choose Magento, because it has such a wide range of features available completely free. Developers prefer Magento, because it has thousands of extensions and almost endless possibilities for customization.


Celerant ERP provides real-time visibility throughout your entire organization, from the moment you order raw materials to each item’s final delivery to the customer. Celerant point of sale lets customers check out using a variety of payment methods. The software’s e-commerce has configurable display options for item display. Celerant also has a robust CRM as part of its retail platform.


When you integrate Celerant and Magento, you can access all the capabilities of both systems at the same time. View inventory and post new products from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Monitor inventory in real-time at every point along the supply chain. Improve your customers’ online shopping experience and manage delivery options with ease.


When both channels synchronize in real-time, your sales and inventory stay continually updated. There’s no need to manually transfer data from Celerant to Magento, avoiding both the extra time commitment and the potential for error.


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