Magento Integration with Epicor ERP

Magento Integration with Epicor ERP

Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning aids mid-sized and large organizations that supply retail, manufacturing, and distribution. Customers turn to Epicor for business analytics, access to the Internet of things, big data, and more. Magento supplies all business sizes with a user-friendly e-commerce platform that is both flexible and scalable. When organizations integrate the two solutions, they are better able to use the functionality of both.

Benefits of Epicor ERP Integration With Magento

Combining Epicor ERP and Magento allows your business to consolidate components to receive these benefits:

Expedite ordering for the customer and processing for your organization.

Enhance data visibility and accuracy at all levels.

With updated sales information, keep what you need on hand, cutting inventory costs.

There’s no need for entering data in multiple systems, reducing error.

Expedited shipping and fewer errors make happy customers.

Generate financial reports for insightful decision making.


Versions of Epicor ERP Suited to Integration

The following versions can be seamlessly integrated with your Magento site:

Epicor Avante. Mid-sized to large-scale businesses turn to Avante as their comprehensive ERP solution.

Epicor 9. This version was released in 2007. It includes a full project management module, resources for administering your supply chain, and extensive tools for materials scheduling.

Epicor 10. Epicor invested $25 million to simplify Epicor 9 and create an application that provides insight into orders, invoices, jobs, and inventory management.

Prophet 21 (P21). This software simplifies everyday processes to free up sales teams, accurately predict sales, and increase the number of sales that close.

Epicor Eagle. This industry-specific version includes features for the accelerated growth of automobile and commercial vehicle replacement parts. It has text messaging, EMV chip card support, and expanded updates.


Epicor ERP Magento Integration Specialists

Integration is a complex process. It takes foresight, planning, and careful on-boarding. Make sure it goes smoothly by choosing experts who have implementation experience. Contact Forix to start planning your Epicor ERP integration with Magento today.