Integrating Magento and GoDataFeed

If you maintain or access a comparison shopping engine website, you might use GoDataFeed. Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla allow users to compare prices for similar products, and retailers often upload product data feeds and use them as online advertising.

Comparison shopping engines allow you to reach shoppers searching outside your e-commerce site that might not otherwise encounter your products and services. You receive improved conversions and can engage customers for repeat sales. Integrating GoDataFeed with your Magento e-commerce site allows you to use both tools more effectively.

Benefits of Magento Integration With GoDataFeed

If you have a GoDataFeed account, integration provides you with the following:

Data centralization. Pull product information from numerous locations and use it to create targeted campaigns for your data feed.

Easy customization. Use Magento’s marketing capabilities to adapt ads for each channel to reach your target users.

Improved visibility. GoDataFeed makes it possible to sell on more than 200 shopping sites, dramatically increasing the number of viewers who encounter your merchandise.

Accessible support. GoDataFeed and Magento both offer free support if your business operates within the United States.

Campaign automation. GoDataFeed monitors product ads and sends notifications when it notices a change in consumer behavior or when marketing falls short of goals. Adjust your efforts according to key performance indicators for maximized profits.

If you change product descriptions or pricing on your Magento site, everywhere GoDataFeed offers your product also updates automatically. GoDataFeed adjusts for the compliance issues specific to individual shopping sites and Magento processes multiple forms of currency for successful transactions from anywhere on the planet.

Successful GoDataFeed Integration

Forix has a team of e-commerce experts who can help optimize data feeds and make sure your Magento e-commerce site is at its best. Spend less time updating product data and worrying about website performance when you talk to our Magento-certified Managed Support team today.