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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with Magento

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to track prospects, store customer information, and turn those leads into opportunities. It helps you use technology to increase sales revenue, retain more customers, and review customer data to forecast future growth. Most businesses gather data and enter it in a web of software systems. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with your e-commerce site reduces the errors that come from redundant data entry and provides keen insight into customer behavior, so you can better serve your target audience.

Benefits of Integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics CRM


You already invested in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Magento web development. It makes sense to make sure you’re getting the most out of both. Organizations that hire Forix to combine the two systems experience these advantages:

Magento and Microsoft Dynamics become unified. Instead of having to switch back and forth to see customer information and interactions, decision makers and marketing staff see every bit of data from one dashboard.

Make the most of your marketing campaigns. As you add new customers, immediately include them in ongoing marketing campaigns, whether they find you online or at a physical store location. Send marketing to your entire consumer base with a few clicks.

Compare campaigns and items to identify success. Break down revenue by sales teams, product lines, or marketing campaign to see what works.

Streamline workflows. When you update product descriptions or customer information on your Magento site, Microsoft Dynamics CRM automatically receives the changes, creating a seamless workflow.