Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration With Magento

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Integration With Magento

Microsoft Dynamics produces a suite of ERP solutions to serve retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. Organizations choose between the separate products – Great Plains (GP), AX, NAV, 365, and Solomon (SL), depending on the size and functions they require. Magento provides the open-source platform for e-commerce website development preferred by designers around the world and businesses of all sizes. Many organizations lose time switching back and forth between their ERP and their e-commerce website, not realizing the process could be much simpler. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Magento synchronizes data from both sources.

Why Integrate Magento and Microsoft Dynamics?

When Magento and Microsoft Dynamics function together, your employees don’t have to do the same data entry and order updating twice. Here’s what you get when you hire Forix to integrate both systems.

Business processes integrate and update in real-time.

Data tracking and error handling occur seamlessly.


Use Magento’s data visualization capabilities with information from Microsoft Dynamics for deeper insights and better decision making.

As soon as you capture new leads, contacts receive follow-up from your most up-to-date marketing efforts.

Save what you pay employees for duplicate data entry and avoid the associated errors.

Microsoft Dynamics Versions That Integrate With Magento

Forix successfully integrates Magento with the following versions of Microsoft Dynamics:

Great Plains (GP). This comprehensive enterprise resource planning program, helps small to mid-sized businesses manage finances, operations, and inventory.

365. Empower salespeople for better sales and create digital shopping experiences that dazzle customers. The Business Edition is recommended for small and medium businesses; the Enterprise Edition serves mid-sized to large organizations.

AX. Larger organizations use AX ERP for financial, employee management, and operations administration. It provides solutions for multiple languages and currencies.

Solomon (SL). Project-driven businesses use Dynamics SL for accounting and project management. Construction, government contracting, and engineering firms prefer it for improved functionality.

Locate a Microsoft Dynamics Integration Specialist

Need help installing a Magento extension? Forix is highly experienced in integrating ERP connectors, third-party web services, and APIs with your site. Forix has got you covered. 
Forix has more than 60 Magento-certified employees who can make sure your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Magento website are integrated smoothly. Contact Forix to start planning your integration today.