Retail Pro ERP Integration for Magento

When you implement custom integration between Retail Pro ERP and your Magento e-commerce site, the features you love about the two distinct solutions meld into one powerful tool. While Retail Pro gives you technology for efficient retail transactions, Magento acts as your online storefront. Connect the two for powerful omnichannel retailing.

What Retail Pro ERP Offers

You probably chose Retail Pro ERP for its enterprise-class retailing software. No matter the size of your business, Retail Pro offers rich features with extensive potential. Global retailers receive support for multiple currencies, and the system automatically adjusts for regulatory changes and different tax rates. Customize shopping experiences for user engagement whether they’re shopping on Amazon or in your physical store.

Integration Benefits

When you integrate your e-commerce store with your Magento site, you have access to the data contained in both systems from one location if you have a smart device and an internet connection. Integration grows your business because of:

Improved customer relationships. The customer information in your ERP is available for online ordering through your Magento site, so they don’t need to input anything more than once. They only view the most updated product information and inventory. When you ship to customers, they receive tracking information and can see exactly when it will arrive at their door. If there is a problem, customer support can quickly review their data to expedite solutions.

Reduced error. Automation prevents human error and duplication during data entry.

More insightful data. Instead of pulling data from your ERP to view separately from your Magento site, see both using Magento’s powerful visualization tools.

Magento Integration With Retail Pro 9

Retail Pro 9 provides comprehensive retail management with an adaptable user interface. Define workflows, improve customer engagement, and increase productivity. Use Retail Pro 9’s built-in statistics and prebuilt reports alongside Magento’s business intelligence tools to be more informed than your competition.

Your Trusted Experts for Magento and Retail Pro Integration

Contact us for our integration expertise. Whether you’re looking for a custom API integration, a platform connector/extension, or maybe web services, Forix will help transform your site to the next level. 
Forix has more than 60 Magento-certified employees with experience integrating a range of ERP systems with e-commerce sites and the highest number of successful Magento 2 launches in North America. Get in touch with our Managed Support staff to start working on your integration today for Retail Pro.