RetailOps ERP Integration with Magento

RetailOps ERP Integration with Magento

RetailOps grows sales and drives profits. It was developed by retailers who know the challenges merchants face when it comes to driving online revenue and managing back-end processes. It was designed for lightning-fast deployment with an intuitive user interface for warehouse, product, order, and inventory management.

Magento supplies a powerful open-source platform for e-commerce. Design your online store or several of them. Create marketing campaigns, offer secure checkout, customize product descriptions, and more. Your e-commerce site is automatically optimized for mobile and search engines, so more users can find and enjoy your site from anywhere on the globe.

Why Integrate RetailOps ERP With Magento

Integration allows both systems to work together with data that flows automatically back and forth – it just makes sense.

RetailOps makes sure your warehouse fulfills orders efficiently with optimal walk paths that improve picking, packing, and shipping. View where every piece of inventory is located while it’s in your warehouse. When you integrate with Magento, your inventory adjusts as soon as a customer places an order. That order flows into your ERP with updated customer data. If levels are getting low, it automatically triggers a re-order.

RetailOps offers the lowest cost options for shipping, fees, and other aspects of fulfillment. Integration allows you to show Magento shoppers the most updated information. You don’t pay more than you must, which allows you to offer the lowest possible price.

RetailOps has inventory management tools that help you keep multiple channels synchronized. When updates require manual entry, errors result. Integration automates input and allows you to ship to customers directly from third parties.

RetailOps ERP Integration Made Easy

At Forix, our goal is simple. We provide solutions that help businesses reach their goals by streamlining processes. Our Magento certified specialists have experience with the unique challenges involved in integration. Whether you need a new e-commerce website or to integrate your key business tools, get in touch with our Managed Support team today to with your RetailOps ERP integration.