Magento Integration With Salsify PIM

Salsify Product Information Management (PIM) ensures customers have the best online shopping experience when they view each of your products, no matter what device they view it on or what channel they shop. Salsify provides product information that adjusts for geographic locations, languages, shipping costs, and more. Retailers and manufacturers use Salsify to show an extensive collection of products that have rapidly changing characteristics.

E-commerce owners create their online stores using Magento, because it is open-source, so there are no ongoing licensing fees. It provides a community of developers and other users who continually update security features. Magento was built specifically for e-commerce, so it includes features and specifications you won’t find with WordPress or Drupal. What businesses sometimes don’t realize is that it’s possible to integrate Magento with Salsify PIM so the information in both becomes synchronized.

The Need for Integration

If you use Salsify, it’s because you want your clients to always view the most updated product information. Integration offers that through your online store.

The biggest benefit of integration is an optimized shopping experience. Customers access real-time information whether they shop on your Magento site, view products on Amazon or see what you sell through other retailers.

Not only do your customers see the latest updates, so does your sales staff and customer support team. Every level of your organization can access rich product descriptions, optimized images, and compelling videos for more effective sales.

Your marketing department can choose the latest or most popular variation for campaign updates and your staff sees the best available pricing. When you enter changes in one system, they update everywhere you offer each product online.

Professional Magento Integration With Salsify PIM

Forix has a team of experienced integration experts and Magento-certified web developers who are ready to serve your business and streamline your Magento Integration with Salsify PIM. Contact us today to start planning your integration.