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Top 10 Magento CRM Integrations to Boost Sales

If you’re looking to improve your sales and marketing solutions in the B2B and B2C domain, check out these 10 Magento integrations to boost your marketing activities.

Magento integration with CRM has many benefits for businesses, including lubricating an organization’s revenue and sales cycle, leading to lowered expenses, increased efficiency, enhanced accuracy, increased production, and speed.

Key Magento CRM integration that will benefit your company

We provide Magento development services with a range of benefits. Our clients have leveraged on the automation of core business processes with these integrations. But which one’s the best for you? This list can help you gain a clear understanding.

  1. HubSpot CRM – One of the best CRM integration for Magento that is designed to manage and coordinate online campaigns with competent data and real-time synchronization between channels.                                             
  1. SalesForce CRM – Another popular Magento CRM integration that helps personalize consumer experiences through product reviews and smart search results. 
  1. Zoho CRM – With this ideal CRM, Zoho brings simplified customer contact to marketing routing, order history, data monitoring, meeting preparation, and inventory management. 
  1. Freshworks CRM – This CRM integration offers high-standard lead management solutions and allows organizing, checking, prioritizing and closing deals quickly. It also tracks events effectively. 
  1. Sugar CRM – This framework renders functional options for data collection and comprehensive visualized reports. They allow sales and marketing teams to automate feedback collection, managing clients, and generating revenue. 
  1. Metrilo CRM – The Metrilo CRM works best in gathering consumer feedback that can relay the next moves in product cycles and enable effective decision-making during campaigns. 
  1. Vtiger CRM – To smaller businesses out there with a limited budget, Vtiger is your go-to! It provides powerful sales support benefits, including contract fostering actions, visualized sales funnel, auto-reminder, and automatic email marketing, among other features. 
  1. Dynamics CRM – The Dynamics CRM integration is a part of Microsoft 365 and it offers multichannel campaign benefits. You get to enjoy the features of email marketing, web content and other events. 
  1. Agile CRM – This integration provides benefits all under one roof. Perfect for small businesses providing SaaS solutions, improving teamwork, and offering a mobile-ready panel interface. 
  1. Pega CRM – Designed to improve workflow processes, Pega CRM provides smooth Magento integrations. It offers external marketing data and sales automation, providing in-depth customer analysis and detailed reports.

What’s the best integration tool for your business? We’ll figure that out for you. Allow us to deploy our Magento development services today.


  1. How would I know which is the best Magento integration for my business?
    Well research helps but we can cut down on that time spent and give you a better understanding. Connect with us.
  1. Can I use more than one Magento CRM integration?
    This depends on the nature of your requirements and the type of systems that will benefit your business.
  1. How do I know whether my business needs Magento integrations?
    Many businesses are moving into the automation phase to make operations function smoothly. It’s only a matter of time.
  1. Can I do email marketing through Magento integrations?
    Yes, many Magento CRM integrations make email marketing possible.
  1. Is the data maintained through these integrations secure?
    Yes, the data maintained through Magento integrations are secure.


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