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Magento 2 Migrations from BigCommerce

Magento 2 Migrations from BigCommerce
BigCommerce provides eCommerce businesses with the capacity to easily sell your products in multiple online locations through one integrated store. However, when you want to have more in-depth control and customization of your online store, migrating to Magento 2 can open even greater possibilities. Magento’s extensive plug-in and customization options can allow you to build your optimal online store.


Magento 2 vs. BigCommerce


BigCommerce has many powerful features for running your eCommerce website, such as the capability to seamlessly sell products through Facebook, eBay, and other platforms. However, some platform features vary, meaning that your store could be missing fraud security, abandoned cart servers, and merchandise filtering that allows you to keep your store secure and optimized for conversions. As an open-source platform, Magento has extensive options for you to add the features you need to your eCommerce website, all while allowing you full customization of your store’s design.


Signs It’s Time to Migrate from BigCommerce to Magento 2


For software as a service solutions like BigCommerce, most features will come built into the platform. If you have regular problems with not being able to find an extension you need to add an essential feature for your store, then it may be time to migrate. Magento 2 has numerous tools and extensions that can meet your business needs and enhance your users’ experience.


Aside from features, BigCommerce’s customization options have limitations when it comes to creating a distinctive online store that matches your brand. Switching to Magento 2 will allow you to bring that big website redesign you’ve been dreaming of becoming a reality. Your Magento website will be better equipped to draw in customers and conversions – and your store will be scalable as your business grows.


The Time and Cost of Migrating


As you plan your website migration, keep in mind that most Magento 2 stores take three to six months to complete when switching from another platform. The more complex your existing store is, the more time it will take to ensure that your design, features, and product information all correctly move to and function on the new platform. You may also need to locate new extensions to replace ones that worked with your BigCommerce store.


Cost can vary drastically between migration services, often due to the ability and efficiency of the web team. A more extensive project will likely have a higher cost than the most basic of site migrations. At Magento agency Forix, our migration experts can help you determine the likely cost of moving your existing BigCommerce store to the Magento 2 platform.

If you want to further enhance your store’s experience, we can help update your site even further with ongoing support. The same comprehensive team of developers, designers, UX experts, and more are all available to help you make the most of your Magento store. From tech support to data-driven redesign, we strive to help you achieve your eCommerce goals. Adobe Experience Manager is a full-service solution for your business.

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