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Enhancing Product Discovery for Customers

Organizing Multiple Stores Just Got Easier

Versare is an American based manufacturer of superior quality room dividers, portable partitions, privacy screens, portable walls, and more. Versare came to Forix in need of a website to match their updated branding and streamline the shopping experience for their loyal customers.

The Challenge

Versare had 4 Magento stores and wanted to consolidate into 1 full store featuring all products. The company also needed a new site to match updated branding for the master store.


Forix developed several key customizations to streamline the shopping experience for Versare customers. Versare’s website now includes a custom module to help customers decide what kind of partition they need, a dynamic sizing tool for product description images that even works on mobile, and delivery service shipping options. Forix designed a website to match their branding and developed several custom solutions such as the Partition Selector Tool to provide Versare’s customers with a truly streamlined shopping experience.


  • 115%

    Overall transactions up 115% since launch
  • 123%

    Unique purchases increased by 123% post launch
  • 160%

    Increase in products per order across all devices

We came to Forix with multiple sites to consolidate and redesign. Their teams not only aided us in consolidation and modernizing our look, but also added unique customizations tailored to our customers’ needs. We now provide an unparalleled user experience and have consequently seen an increase in conversions and revenue.
– Darren Frayne, E-Commerce Manager of Versare

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