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    5 Key Areas We Help B2B And Wholesale eCommerce Websites

    Custom quote and ordering processes.

    Complex product and shipping steup.

    B2B and B2C storefront management.

    Wholesale ordering and catalog systems.

    Account verification and custom pricing/exemption features.

    Top Magento Developers for B2B Sites

    Our full suite of development services is executed by an assigned in-house B2B Magento developer. Our certified devs are expertly versed in creating and implementing custom accounts, vendor integrations and catalogs for B2B and wholesale companies.

    We’ll analyze ways to make sure your site is more efficient and agile to improve business profitability and site experience. Whether you’re upgrading to Magento 2 or you’d like to add new features to your current online store, we’ll take over all the B2B eCommerce development stages from initial auditing to implementation.

    Custom User Groups & Accounts

    • Custom User Pricing

    • Company & Group Accounts

    • Discount & Bulk Pricing

    • Tax Exemption Rules

    • Quick Re-Order Functionality

    Complex Shipping Systems

    • Multi-Warehouse Shipping

    • Dropship Vendor Integration

    • Weight & Dimensional Shipping Rules

    • LTL Freight Quotes

    • Live Shipping Calculators

    • Cross-Border/International Shipping

    Pricing Setup

    • Tiered Pricing

    • Custom User Pricing

    • Bulk & Bundle Pricing

    • Custom Package Deals

    • Currency Conversions

    B2B & Wholesale Integrations

    • ERP

    • CRM

    • PIM

    • POS

    • API

    Product & Catalog Setup

    • Parts Finders

    • Dealer Locators

    • Search & Catalog

    • SKU Lookup

    • Custom Product Builders

    • Exploded Diagrams

    • Resource Libraries & Documentation

    Cart & Checkout

    • Quick Order Forms

    • Add to Cart By SKU

    • Bank Transfer & Cash on Delivery

    • RFQ Systems

    • Re-Order Functionality

    Account Application & Exemption

    • Distributor Application Reviews

    • Tax Exemption Setups

    • Territory Pricing & Discount Setups

    Compliance & Certification

    • Payment Card Industry (PCI) DSS Compliance

    • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance

    • Federal Firearms License (SSL) Standards

    • Other Special Case Compliance Standards

    24/7 support.
    Most issues resolved in less than 24 hours.

    Dedicated Account Managers
    & over 60 certified Magento developers.

    Integration Support
    Get help connecting to third parties & vendors.

    Centralized Project Management
    Portals to help keep track of your requests.
    See How We Can Help. Magento B2B Development Forix is the top Magento agency in the business. Our Magento B2B development team has launched more Magento B2B websites than any other company in North America. We have over 750 successful Magento website launches under our belt and many more on the way. Our team consists of over 100 employees with over 60 Magento certifications who are standing by with Magento ongoing support, ready to help you launch your new website. Having a top Magento developer in your corner means you’ll surely make a great impression on all your customers. With a complex system like a Magento website, it is best to have a team experienced in Magento B2B development on your side. Your customers gain a streamlined experience and you gain the peace of mind that comes with 24/7 Magento managed support. Magento managed services are available to help you build the perfect website for your business. We bring you the latest updates and Magento B2B features to give your site everything from a customized checkout process to the ability to change pricing for each client. Our Magento agency team is up to date on the latest available technology, meaning you don’t have to retrain yourself. We receive advanced notifications and know the security updates before they drop. We can integrate them seamlessly into your website without even alerting your customers. This smooth transition is just one of the features you can enjoy with Magento ongoing support and the Magento B2B development from Forix. Find out How We Can Help You Get the Most out of Your eCommerce Store Our top Magento agency is standing by, waiting to help you get the most out of your eCommerce site. From easy ordering to giving your customers Magento ongoing support wherever they need it, you are getting the best Magento B2B features on the web. Forix offers 24/7 support for all of your web design needs, making us the best Magento developer. With Magento B2B features, you no longer need to send your customers all over the web to order products. Offer them a one-stop shopping option with multiple brands through multiple partners all on the same website. Shop directly from an SKU or recall past orders for even faster reordering. Allow a line of credit or even segment your customers to display different pricing options to different groups. Track your inventory in real time, giving out of stock notifications to avoid overselling. The possibilities are truly endless, and our Magento B2B development team is ready to help. Contact us today to get started on the best design for your business. Our Magento B2B development team has a solution to fit every budget, making it easy to jump right in. The faster your new Magento website is up and running, the faster the new customers will be banging down your door to order. Custom Quote and Ordering Processes Are you looking to offer your Magento B2B customers a custom quote? Our Magento managed support team can help you set up your Magento website to streamline the process. You will receive immediate notification when a customer requests a quote, making it easy to respond as quickly as possible. Admin roles have the ability to approve or decline quote offers, giving you control over the process. All negotiations happen in a dedicated workflow segment meant just for Magento managed services. You’ll never have to run around chasing conversations again. Buyers can send and request quotes in the same window to simplify the process. By creating this personalized experience for your buyers, they will feel connected to your direct line. Giving your clients this personalized experience is a great way to show you value their business. Easily convert your Magento B2B catalog into a wholesale catalog for easy browsing. Buyers can view wholesale pricing and bulk pricing for items, and you can even enter custom pricing for your products. Magento B2B features offer support for multiple languages and the latest RWD layouts, making it easy for your customers to find what they need. Complex Product and Shipping Set Up After you create your catalog of products, you will want to ship them to customers in the most efficient way possible. Magento B2B development offers you the ease of shipping products any way you want. Set one custom shipping rule for your Magento website, or set individual shipping prices for each item. The choice is up to you, giving you complete control and flexibility on product pricing. We here at the best Magento agency will take the time to work with you to set up the perfect shipping options for your business. We will help save your preferences and make it easy for any new products that enter the line. With Forix’s Magento ongoing support, you can be sure you are getting help any time you need it. Address verification is a great way to be sure you have the shipping information correct. If you ask customers to verify their address is correct from a list directly from the USPS, you will avoid a shipping mistake later in the process. All it takes is one typo to mess up an entire address. Our Magento B2B development team can help you add these Magento B2B features to your website for painless verification during the checkout process. B2B and B2C Storefront Management Improve your storefront operations with a single tool to control it all. Your Magento website can provide customers with real-time information about what is in stock and the current wholesale price. You can automate the process to include shipping information and costs, plus let them know the estimated delivery times. Our Magento B2B development team gives your customers the best experience possible and ensures they will be back for more with easy ordering platforms and a personalized experience. Wholesale Ordering and Catalog Systems Wholesale ordering is a breeze with Magento B2B features. Our Magento managed services team will design a customized experience for your customers. We can help you take orders from all of your sales channels and collect them in one centralized place. No longer will you need to chase pieces of information around in cyberspace. Instead, collect everything on one dashboard to keep things simple. A good portion of Magento B2B wholesale ordering happens on the go. Engage customers on any screen at any time in any location. They can pull up past orders, account information, and new product info anywhere, allowing them to customize their own experience. With real-time inventory status updates and 24/7 chat support, your customers will never need to worry. Our top Magento developers can help you create the ultimate shopping experience, expanding your brand and bringing your company to new heights. Magento managed services will help you to build a catalog that will fit everyone’s needs. The ability to customize and segment the catalog means you can show each customer an individualized experience. Recommend products to the right audience and create the perfect price point for each of your clients. A personalized experience with Magento B2B features means more connection for you with your customers. More connection and better interaction mean a longer-lasting relationship, driving more sales. Account Verification and Custom Pricing/Exemption Features Account verification implemented by our Magento B2B development team is one way to allow each user customized access to their account. By confirming their identity, customers can store their information, get customized catalogs and even receive specialized pricing and exemption features. Non-profit organizations can store their tax-free information right into their accounts, eliminating the need to enter the information every single time they check out. Customers can use their phone number to verify their account. Magento managed support texts a unique code to the phone number for instant verification, meaning only one person typically has access to the account. After verification, customers can use their phone number to log in, change their password, access important account information and more. Anyone in an admin role can adjust the parameters of security with phone number verification. Another method of verification from Magento managed services is sending a verification email to a new user’s email address. When a new user registers for an account on your site, they will receive an email containing a verification link in their email box. By clicking the link, they are telling you that they indeed have access to the email address they used. This helps you have a direct line of communication, while also ensuring the email address is active. It also eliminates any spam bots or multiple user accounts for the same email address. For age-sensitive websites, age verification separates different groups of viewers. Simply entering a date of birth into the website is not enough proof of age for sensitive purchases. Magento B2B features allow you to ask for the upload of documents like a passport or a driver’s license for verification purposes. Don’t put your business on the line. Instead, get the verification you need to stay safe. We Understand B2B Commerce Forix is a top Magento agency. Our experienced and knowledgeable team understands your needs as a B2B business owner. We can take your needs and use data to design a website that will work for your store. From customized catalogs to personalized accounts, your customers will get exactly what they need. On the other side, you’ll also receive 24/7 care and support from our Magento B2B development team. Here’s a look at some of the strengths Forix brings to the table when designing Magento B2B websites:
    • Conversion optimization. We take the points your customers complain about and turn them into a work of art. By improving these conversion points, we can take your sales to a whole new level.
    • A data-driven approach. We base our web design on data. There is no need for guessing. We use hard facts coupled with Magento B2B features to give your business the best options possible.
    • Integration knowledge. Our top Magento agency gets the latest information hot off the presses. We can integrate the latest extensions and security features right into your web design, giving you safety, security, and the latest features all wrapped into one powerful website.
    • Take it mobile. Mobile design is ubiquitous these days. A majority of B2B ordering happens on the go, making Magento B2B features on the go a must.
    • Target audiences. We take the time to understand your targeted audience. By researching the market and analyzing how your ideal customers use digital shopping in their daily lives, we can improve the features of your site, giving your customers the best experience possible.
    Put all these features together and you’ll have one powerful website – backed with 24/7 Magento ongoing support. Give our Magento B2B development team a call today to set up your consultation. Let us show you what we can do for you and your business. Custom User Groups and Accounts One of the most commonly used Magento B2B features is custom user groups. These groups require users to log in and verify their identity in order to see the specialized catalog of prices. This is beneficial in the case of wholesale purchases. While you do not want everyone to view your wholesale process, you could keep them hidden from the public and only display them to registered wholesaler accounts. This does not require a second website or landing page, but instead, Magento B2B features are able to distinguish between the two users, only displaying the correct information. There are several creative ways you could use these particular Magento B2B features. One would be to separate those who pay a membership fee to belong to your website. Those who belong could receive special access to lower pricing or even different products. Another way would be to reward repeat customers for their loyalty with points or special discounts. Making use of these features is just another way you can use Magento B2B features to your advantage for your business. You can design almost any experience for members of a particular group. Define the parameters of your groups and then decide who will be getting what sort of special incentives. Incentives could range from a gift to a percentage off your purchase. The possibilities are endless. Magento managed services give you a great way to connect with your customers. Custom User Pricing Custom user pricing comes into play when products are available for multiple price points. If you are offering retail products to customers but also offering wholesale pricing to B2B companies, you will probably need Magento B2B features. One of the Magento B2B features allows admins to define different customized groups of shoppers. Users can sign up to be a part of one of these groups when they register for the site. They will then receive the special parameters set up for that group when viewing the site. The same site might also show your retail customers a different price for the item, depending on the customized account options. The pricing may differ by a certain percentage site-wide or each individual product may require its own special price point. When prices occur individually, storeowners have the option to change them as needed. They can each change by hand, allowing for easy access at any time. As changes occur, Magento ongoing support can also help. Our top Magento agency is ready to support you with all your customized pricing needs. We can set up all the different parameters for each product so you don’t need to waste your precious time doing it. Leave the hard work to us and get back to enjoying the parts of your business you love the most. Company & Group Accounts Companies sometimes need to give multiple employees access to the online catalog. Magento B2B development allows our team to design one large group for the business and multiple accounts under this larger group entity. Discount & Bulk Pricing If you offer special discount pricing and bulk options for your customers, you should know that Magento B2B development holds the key to multiple pricing options. Customers will create a personalized account when logging into your site for the first time, giving them the option to verify personal information such as email address, date of birth and more. These specific criteria sort out who gets to see what type of pricing. Our Magento B2B development team can assign criteria to each one of your customer groups, creating a customized catalog for each one of your clients. Depending on the needs of your business, we can create just one customized catalog or multiple options. All of them will display on the same website, but each unique account will have access to specific pricing and options. Target customers based on their preferences to provide a completely customized experience. The more customized your experience, the more your customers will know you value their business and are working to make their shopping experience as smooth as possible. Tax Exemption Rules Businesses who qualify for tax-exempt status will be happy to know they can scan their documentation and store it right in their online account. By creating an account on our website, the information is permanently a part of your business, avoiding the need to verify it every time a customer makes a purchase. By making this step easier in the checkout process, businesses will be more likely to become repeat shoppers when the information is in the account, saving them time-consuming steps during checkout. Admins can set an expiration date for the tax exemption paperwork, making the owner of the account re-verify the paperwork to continue receiving special pricing. With Magento B2B features, this feature can happen automatically, saving you time and money. When a customer uploads the tax exemption paperwork, you will receive an email notification to approve the request. Once the site admin approves the paperwork, the customer will receive an email notification with approval. If your business does not accept tax exemption status, Magento managed services can help you turn it off permanently. When it comes time to make a purchase, customers should be sure to check the small box. This does not appear on everyone’s checkout page, but rather only the people who qualify for tax-exemption status. Your Magento website comes with 24/7 Magento managed services who will be happy to help you set up all the details regarding tax exemption rules. Quick Reorder Functionality One way to ensure customers come back for repeat business is to include quick reorder Magento B2B features on your site. Companies who order a lot of product on a frequent basis like the process to be as easy as possible. One-click ordering makes things simple. With such ease of ordering, your customers will remember and come back for more. If companies want to make a similar order with minor changes, they can click the reorder button to add everything to the shopping cart. Once displayed there, they can go back and make more changes to the contents of the cart. This is great for businesses just starting out with ordering from your site or for businesses that may need to change their order slightly each purchase. Customers can also utilize the search feature, looking for past orders based on dates, products ordered and more. If products have gone out of stock since the last round of ordering, real-time inventory reporting will let them know the product is no longer available for purchase. Our top Magento agency can design a checkout process to help your customers be as efficient as possible while making purchases. Forix can also add in other verification options such as address verification to be sure you have the correct shipping address or age verification for sensitive products. Magento B2B development makes it easy to get a feel for your customers’ order habits. You can offer unique catalogs and pricing to different groups, customizing the experience and giving personal attention. Complex Shipping Systems Advanced shipping options from Magento managed services let you set the shipping options to be the right price on your products. It is a very flexible way of setting shipping fees for almost any variable. These can include:
    • Weight
    • Price
    • Item quantity
    • Destination
    • Customer group
    • Coupon codes
    Don’t limit yourself to only one shipping option. It is a fact of retail that not every product ships for the same cost. This can eat into the profits from your sale, causing your business to be less profitable. Instead, sort items based on attributes to make sure everyone is getting a fair deal. With variable shipping options, it is important to display the fees for your customers up front. A shipping chart or a list of your shipping prices will help customers to understand what will happen during the checkout process. Our Magento B2B development team can help you include this chart in your page design to be upfront, developing trust with your customers. Another way of displaying shipping costs is to have a shipping calculator on the first page of checkout. The calculator will tell you exactly how much your purchase will cost, based on the attributes defined in the options. Some businesses do opt to ship everything for free or for one low price. This is a business decision that needs careful consideration. If you decide to go this route, our Magento ongoing support team can help you change the criteria, keeping it one price across all of your products. The choice is yours and Forix is here to help you find the best solution for your business. Pricing Setup When a new customer creates an account on your website, they become part of a group category. This group allows you to show off special price points for multiple types of companies. The three main types of pricing include:
    • Retail pricing. This is the price anyone purchasing your product can expect to pay.
    • Promotional pricing. Promotional pricing is an incentive to draw customers into your business. It can be set at a percentage discount, a fixed amount, and can expire on a certain date or time frame.
    • Wholesale pricing. Wholesale opportunities allow B2B businesses to purchase products at a lower cost up front.
    You wouldn’t want to show wholesale pricing to a retail customer because it will ruin the price point on your product. By customizing the product catalogs to fit each account’s specific needs, your website can show all the information under one domain name. Save money by keeping things together in one centralized location. Magento B2B features allow you to display pricing that fits each category of customers to create a personalized experience. Let Magento managed support help you create the perfect pricing plan for your business on your site, maximizing your profits. Product and Catalog Setup Setting up a product catalog for the first time can be tricky. However, in the end, it makes keeping track of your inventory and products a breeze. Luckily, the top Magento agency is here to help. Our team has experience setting up product catalogs to help your clients find the products they need. Products go into the catalog based on a series of attributes. If a customer searches for a product based on color or size, the appropriate product will pop up. If a customer is looking for a made-to-order product instead of a completed product, there is a listing specific to this type as well. You could offer custom add-ons like engraving, fabric or paint choices, or gift-wrap with customized SKU numbers. Group options are also available for items like gift sets and skin care regimes. While each product receives its own SKU, they might be a grouped product. Forix has Magento managed support to get your product catalog off the ground. We’d be happy to help you set up this tricky process for the first time, taking care of all the moving pieces. We’ll provide support after the creation too, giving you and your customers a seamless experience. Don’t leave your product catalog up to chance. Instead, let the Magento B2B experts handle it. Cart and Checkout Did you know that about 68% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart in the middle of the checkout process? This happens for a variety of reasons. Something as easy as streamlining your checkout process to just one page can make a world of difference. Forix’s Magento B2B development focuses on the checkout process for your website. We offer solutions to all the main reasons for cart abandonment, decreasing the number of unfinished transactions. Magento B2B websites have a lot to offer both customers and shop owners. Here are a few tips to consider when designing your shopping cart:
    • Reduce the checkout steps and include everything on one page.
    • Don’t ask for unnecessary information.
    • Make the shipping address and the billing address distinguished in order to avoid shipping products to the wrong address.
    • Put shipping rates out front and in the open. You may even want to consider free shipping as a way to get people to purchase.
    • Use automatic fill features like zip code lookup or automatic address fill-in to decrease the time spent typing information at checkout.
    These Magento B2B features and more are available for your website. Our Magento B2B development team can help you transform your problem spots into a seamless checkout process, increasing your overall sales. Get started today and get ready to enjoy all of the benefits. Account Application and Exemption Businesses can apply for an account on your website, but they need approval for use. When account applications are complete, the site administrator will receive an email to know a new application is on the dashboard. In rare cases, an exemption happens for an application. This is no problem for Magento B2B development. You can easily select companies to be group members on your site, giving you full control. You can also choose if the application is open for a specific period and then no longer available. Some B2B companies only accept applications at specific times of the year or from specific partners. By being specific, you can create the type of business model you choose. For help setting this up, Forix has a Magento B2B development team standing by to help you with your Magento website. Distributor Application Reviews Take the time to review your distributor applications. The Magento B2B dashboard can help. Forix’s Magento B2B development team can set up an application system for your distributor applications, keeping them handy and ready for your approval. Once a distributor is in your site, they will have access to their own customized dashboard, including quick reordering options, individualized product catalogs and exclusive pricing. Our Magento B2B development team will work together, using Magento B2B development techniques to help you draw in new applications. A flawless website design helps to capture the attention of new businesses, making a new website worth the initial investment. With 24/7 Magento ongoing support, expect to see an increase in sales while giving your customers the best experience possible. Territory Pricing and Discount Setups Each account receives a set of attributes. Attributes apply to individual accounts, or to groups of accounts. This makes it easy to apply certain pricing restrictions or specific tax requirements to accounts that fall in certain regions. Once the customer enters the address information, the system will automatically identify if the account is a candidate for special pricing. There is no need to worry about figuring out which attributes apply to which account. The Magento B2B development team at Forix has this under control. We’ll apply the attributes to your website, giving you an automated experience and no cause for worry. The Magento B2B development team can also help you set up any tiered pricing options for discount options. Discounts could be a percentage of the price, a fixed amount, or even a discount applied after a minimum purchase amount. The possibilities are endless. Compliance and Certification PCI compliance is not an option. Any merchant who accepts credit cards needs to know for this. Merchants who do not meet the guidelines can expect to receive hefty fines or possibly even jail time. The protection of credit card information is no joke. Forix knows your customer’s information needs to stay safe to ensure trust between the retailer and the customer. Magento B2B development take steps to ensure all data is safe and all security patches are in place. With 24/7 Magento managed support options, our Magento B2B development team is always on the lookout for suspicious activity. We are sure to provide your customers with reassurance by posting any appropriate security seals on your checkout page. Magento B2B development also offers the added bonus of integrated payment options. Our team will incorporate these safe methods of payment into your checkout process, ensuring the data of your customers is always safe and never breaking trust.

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