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Sexy Hair is the most iconic hair care brand on the shelf, and can be found in 60,000 salons across the country.

The Challenge

When it came to ecommerce, they had so many great products that customers found it hard to decide what to buy. Furthermore, 7 out of 10 site visitors were on their phones, and the mobile site was poorly done. They came to Forix to solve these problems.

The Solution

Forix tackled the problem from both ends by developing a product wizard in the form of a quiz called “What’s Your Sexy”. The quiz allowed users to self-identify hair color and type, and could recommend which products were best for their hair. This increased time on site by 30%.

Forix also revamped the mobile site design with a far better experience. This resulted in an immediate 37% increase in mobile conversion rate and a 31% increase in average order value.


Time on Site
Mobile Conversions

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