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Demandware vs. Shopify Plus Comparison

Start your eCommerce ownership journey off on the right foot by selecting the perfect platform. Not all eCommerce frameworks are equal; in fact, all are unique and have different ways of providing eCommerce solutions. It’s up to the budding business owner to research all available options and select the right one based on his or her needs. Company size, budget, and level of experience can all help decide between Demandware and Shopify Plus. Start here, with this comparison page.


Demandware (Now Salesforce)


Demandware, now known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud, has been around since almost the beginning of online shopping. Founded in 2004, Demandware was one of the first cloud-based eCommerce solutions in the world. Over the years, Demandware adapted to changing user and business owner needs.


After its acquisition by Salesforce in 2016, Demandware continued to grow and expand to provide a truly exceptional user experience. Today, Demandware users enjoy a wealth of features and capabilities, including total eCommerce solutions, point-of-sale system customization, order management, and predictive intelligence based on customer data. Demandware is one of the most successful cloud-based eCommerce platforms in the world.


Shopify Plus


As for the other option in Demandware vs. Shopify Plus, business owners need to assess how well the features available on Shopify Plus match their needs and customer expectations. Shopify Plus is an all-in-one solution that’s great for businesses whose focus is on marketing and expansion. If you need to incorporate new features, the extensive plugin market renders it easy to determine what you need without necessitating custom builds. At the same time, certain eCommerce features you may need are solely available through add-ons or top-tier plans, which can get expensive if you don’t budget accordingly


Which Platform Should You Choose?


Demandware provides deep eCommerce expertise, 24/7 technical support, and world-class business solutions, whereas Shopify Plus is a more affordable solution, particularly for small businesses. Though the setup time can vary based on the particularities of your project, you are more likely to be able to quickly launch an eCommerce website using Shopify Plus, as some of the more elaborate Demandware projects can continue for years until they are 100% complete.


Aside from the cost, the decision may come down to how much assistance and flexibility your company needs. While both are big platforms, Shopify Plus has a highly supportive community for plugin assistance and general advice. On the other hand, both Demandware and Shopify Plus are great for companies whose main priorities are growth and product expansion. However, Shopify Plus is a better option for mid-level retailers who don’t have complex needs.


That being said, if you have extensive needs and unlimited scalability for future growth, you are better off going with the Demandware platform, which has the ability to accommodate for the ever-changing needs of growing high-volume companies.


Feel free to reach out to the eCommerce experts at Forix to hear more about both platforms and which is the best fit for your business. Discover the benefits of Adobe Experience Manager by talking to a Forix specialist.

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