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Hybris vs. PrestaShop Comparison

Hybris compared to PrestaShop
For your eCommerce website to truly shine, you need to choose the right platform. However, with so many options out there, it can be difficult to find the one best suited for your needs. Hybris and PrestaShop are both robust and flexible eCommerce platforms, allowing you to build a customized online store with valuable marketing tools. So, which one is the best choice for your business?




No matter what channel you want to conduct sales in, be it in-store, online, or mobile, Hybris can manage your site and encourage customer engagement. It also has a central order management system that allows optimal business functionality with easy-to-learn systems. However, it has an expensive initial price point, which can make it out of the range of many users. For this reason, the community is smaller, making it difficult to find experienced developers. It’s also missing out on quality reporting and analytics features, which can limit its usefulness as an eCommerce platform.




PrestaShop is an open-source eCommerce solution with more than 270,000 stores worldwide. Some of the platform’s key customization features offer the ability to configure your website’s merchandise display, one-page checkout, internal search engine, shipping methods, and product filters. PrestaShop also integrates with numerous business services and payment solutions such as eBay, Google Analytics, PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Simplify from Mastercard. The software comes with some easy-to-use features designed to help you market your store, manage orders, sell products internationally, gain actionable insights, and run multiple stores from one centralized platform.


Which One Is Best for You?


There is no one ultimate eCommerce solution, so picking which platform is best for you will depend on the unique aspects of your business. The first deciding factor is probably the startup costs. Hybris has a robust system you can take advantage of, but the $50,000 starting point is no easy feat for a smaller business. Unless you have the financial resources on hand to invest in Hybris, you’ll likely be better off finding a less expensive option through PrestaShop, which is free to download and use. Although you won’t have to pay a monthly fee directly to PrestaShop, you will have to pay for web hosting if you choose to use the platform.


However, if cost is no issue, you’ll want to start thinking about overall functionality when it comes to making your final decision. While Hybris can take anywhere from weeks to years to set up depending on what you want out of your site, PrestaShop is easy to set up and generally takes about an hour to go live. However, Hybris has straightforward features and is comparatively easy to use, so your decision may come down to how quickly you want to launch your eCommerce store.


Since PrestaShop comes as a ready-to-use platform with relatively limited customization options, it is best for simple stores without the need to make ongoing changes to their selected templates. On the other hand, Hybris offers more customization opportunities that can help prevent your store from being duplicated by someone else.


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