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RSR Group Integration with Magento

Magento 2 Migration

In 2015, RSR Group Inc. moved to its current location in Fort Worth, Texas, a massive 352,000 square foot distribution center. RSR Group Inc.’s success is due to their unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and their reputation for reliability and same-day shipping. Customers know they can call a local sales office and have their purchase shipped the same day. Now with the Magento platform, customers can enjoy an even more robust, secure, and convenient experience when shopping with RSR Group Inc.

Magento for Firearms E-Commerce

Firearms distributors like RSR Group have unique concerns compared to other online distributors and retailers. Unlike other purchases online, the federal government prohibits firearms distributors and retailers from shipping customers’ purchases directly. Instead, firearms distributors ship customers’ orders to licensed gun dealers near the customers. The gun dealer then arranges pickup for the customer. This chain requires coordination between the distributor, retailer, and the end customer while adhering to federal background check and licensing requirements, as well as state laws.

Magento is perfect for developing firearms e-commerce sites due to its customizable open source construction. Anyone can alter the Magento code to achieve desired performance and capability. For firearms distributors like RSR Group, Inc. that means better inventory management, easier coordination between customers and dealers, and more peace of mind knowing that business is following all applicable federal regulations. Magento can easily integrate with most existing software applications, so it won’t be a disruption to daily operations when it comes time to implement it live.

Work with Experts

In the hands of the right web developer, Magento is a robust and easily customizable platform built for secure and stable e-commerce. So much business happens online today that companies who do not shift to digital sales will simply fall behind. E-commerce is here to stay, and it’s vital for firearms distributors and retailers to work with web developers who can help them achieve their goals. When it comes to RSR Group Inc. the Magento platform helps ensure customer satisfaction, security, and reliability.

The Forix team knows Magento and how to leverage it to individual clients’ needs. Firearms distribution and resale is a complex field with many unique concerns, so it’s crucial to work with accomplished web developers to build your e-commerce site. Get in touch with the team at Forix for more information about the Magento platform, its capabilities, and how it can reshape business for professionals in the firearms industry.


About RSR Group Inc.

RSR Group Inc. began as a small operation in Rochester, New York in 1977. The new company’s philosophy focused on personalized customer service, reliability, and a wide selection of the leading brands of shooting supplies. Within two years, RSR Group expanded to a second facility in Winter Park, Florida where it eventually moved its corporate headquarters. Within years, the Rochester and Winter Park distribution centers were joined by three new facilities: Reno, Nevada in 1981, Dallas, Texas in 1983, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1985.

Twenty years later in 2005, RSR Group purchased an enormous distribution center in Fort Worth, Texas. The centralized location has helped RSR Group to better serve customers all over the country.

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