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Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. PrestaShop Comparison

Salesforce Cloud Commerce compared to PrestaShop
As technology changes and online shopping continues to grow, it’s no surprise that more and more eCommerce platforms appear. Some have been around for years, while others are still green, but all are worth considering when planning your business strategy. If you’ve narrowed down your options to Salesforce Cloud Commerce and PrestaShop, you may need help deciding between these two powerful options. Use this comparison guide to start.


Salesforce Cloud Commerce


Salesforce Cloud Commerce is a cloud-based digital commerce system that consists of a network of agencies, integrators, and tech providers. It is a leader in B2B and B2C commerce, with impressive and comprehensive online store solutions. Salesforce Cloud Commerce enables companies to build optimized buyer journeys, control the order lifecycle, and enhance the customer experience. It is an all-in-one solution that’s ideal for large companies, businesses with complex needs, and brands with enough resources to dedicate toward eCommerce site management.


One of the main differences between Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. PrestaShop is that Salesforce Cloud Commerce costs money. In fact, it’s one of the more expensive eCommerce solutions out there (price quote upon request). However, companies gain access to an enormous number of features, customizations, systems, processes, management suites, applications, and more to help launch and manage successful websites. Salesforce is one of the most popular eCommerce systems on the market for a reason – it fulfills a wide variety of business needs.




PrestaShop also enables companies to create, customize, and launch online stores. The setup process for PrestaShop is simpler and more user-friendly than Salesforce, but it’s a tradeoff – PrestaShop owners have fewer features and options. PrestaShop is a creative and efficient platform, with all the necessities for setting up and scaling an online store.


PrestaShop features include website design customization, product and customer management, content sharing, and global selling. Pricing is one place PrestaShop might win in Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. PrestaShop; unlike Salesforce Cloud Commerce, it’s free to use. PrestaShop is a no-cost, open-source solution that’s open for all eCommerce owners to use. Today, more than 270,000 merchants rely on PrestaShop for their online store and shopping cart solutions.


Which Is Best? Salesforce Cloud Commerce vs. PrestaShop


If you’re searching for a fast and easy way to launch an online store, PrestaShop is better suited to your needs than Salesforce Cloud Commerce. The same is true if your top priority is launching a store without dipping into your budget. If, however, you need a powerful and robust platform you can depend on for virtually all your shop owner needs, Salesforce Cloud Commerce might be a better fit. Salesforce Cloud Commerce has greater capabilities than PrestaShop, if you need them and have the budget. Both options are promising for business owners, but only one will be the best fit for you.


 Choosing between two platforms can be the most difficult but important choice for your business, let Forix experts help you with this decision by reaching out. Strive for success on your eCommerce store with Adobe Magento.

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