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Selling Firearms Holsters Online on Magento eCommerce

Firearms holsters come in all shapes and sizes to match the shape of various firearms and the preferences of holster wearers. Online firearm retailers rarely sell firearms without selling this most basic firearm accessory. From concealed carry holsters to easy-access tactical holsters, understanding the role of the holster in the modern firearms industry can help online sellers build a better holster selection and customization experience.


Types of Holsters


Firearms owners can choose from a number of different styles of holsters. Waistband holsters fit just on the inside of the pants with a clip. They are typically slim and slightly flexible to provide a comfortable fit without increasing the risk of firearm damage. Belt holsters fit on the outside of the waistband and are typically more noticeable than their waistband counterparts.


Many messenger bags, briefcases, and purses today feature holsters and specially designed pockets for firearm safekeeping. From the outside these bags look no different than any other bag. Inside, however, they feature a quick access holster an owner can use during emergencies.


Pocket holsters work well for ultra-small firearms. Available for jacket and pants pockets, these holsters are inconspicuous and versatile. Shoulder holsters move the weight of the gun from the lower body to the upper body. With a quick reach to the side of the body, someone wearing a shoulder holster can easily access his or her weapon and address a threatening situation.


Some of the most popular holster materials include leather, nylon, and neoprene. These materials provide enough softness and stretch without putting the wearer or the firearm at risk. Understanding the differences between different holsters and materials can help e-commerce sellers choose and accurately represent product lines in the digital space.


Holsters and States that Allow Concealed Carry


The majority of firearm owners use holsters for concealed carry. They commonly look for inconspicuous, durable, and comfortable holsters that fit their firearms like a glove. Forty-one states require firearm owners to register for a concealed carry permit before carrying a weapon in public; but, some states have more rigid permit requirements than others. Washington D.C., California, and Hawaii have some of the strictest concealed carry permit requirements in the country. Many law abiding residents cannot qualify for a permit under current laws.


The remaining eleven states in the union do not require law abiding residents to register for a permit to carry a concealed weapon. More than a dozen other states are exploring legislation to eliminate concealed carry permit requirements. If these states open the door to permit-free concealed carry laws, more residents may feel comfortable purchasing firearms and holsters for personal protection and EDC (every day carry).


Selling Firearms Holsters Online with a Better E-Commerce Platform


To meet the needs of concealed carriers in the nation and provide a selection of high quality holsters, online firearms dealers need to provide a great online shopping experience. When individuals purchase a firearm, a holster is a natural accessory. Give your purchasers every reason to invest in a wearable holster with an attractive, user-friendly, and informative e-commerce store.


Get more from your e-commerce platform when you partner with Forix, a leading Magento platform development partner. We know how to help firearms dealers stand out in an increasingly competitive online space.

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