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Site Launch: PackIt


Packit was started by a single mother with an idea: an insulated lunchbox that would actually keep lunches cool. The idea for the product came from listening to her kids complain that their blueberries got warm and mushy at school, despite using insulated lunchboxes with frozen gel coolers tossed inside them. She developed a new product: freezable lunch boxes. Packit’s freezable bags work like a refrigerator on the go, chilling food and drinks up to 10 hours with a freezable gel liner.

Packit came to Forix looking for a scaleable ecommerce solution, with responsive design, and increased user engagement. Packit also wanted their website to be a primary Branding Tool for their visual identity. Forix designed and developed a refined brand platform through a new Magento ecommerce site on a short timeline, even with a Netsuite integration.

Magento Netsuite ERP Integration


With a Magento Netsuite integration, Packit can focus on increasing sales and managing orders in real time without needing to manually sync Magento web store and NetSuite accounts. Product and inventory, customers and orders, and shipping and billing are all synced in real-time. Forix worked with Celigo to integrate Packit’s previous ERP setup with Magento.

Customer Engagement and Management Tools

Before upgrading to Magento, Packit had no customer accounts or any type of social sharing. With a Magento platform, Packit was able to have customer accounts and backend customer management. Forix also added a Return Management extension to add to Packit’s customer management tools. Forix integrated their Magento platform with a Sweet Tooth Rewards integration, which allowed Packit to manage a customer rewards program and customize it based on their needs. Social feeds were also added to engage customers.

Refined Visual Identity Platform

Packit wanted their new website to be used as a branding tool. By matching brand guidelines and using design to determine key features and functionality of the website, our designers determined a refined brand platform for Packit’s e-commerce presence.

Customized Product Pages

To build on Packit’s unique product and visual identity, Forix customized the product description pages with image swatches and custom hover functionality to showcase product features.

Unique Homepage Parallax

As part of Packit’s visual identity execution, Forix developed a custom homepage parallax to show how the product is used. The freezable bag is put in the freezer, is taken out, then opens to show a fully packed lunch.

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