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The Best Magento Extensions of 2013 that You Need to Know About

So far, 2013 has been a big year for e-customers and bloggers. The ever-changing trends in technology demand constant updates and the ability to top prior expectations. Each year we are met with a flurry of software updates, new features and utilities. With Word Press and other blogging websites popping up with their new and improved functionality, Magento can’t afford to be left in the dust. The Magento developers are constantly creating new extensions and here are some of the best ones that you need to check out:

  1. Magentix: Accidentally deleting products off your shopping cart is one of the worst mistakes customers run into. To complete a successful transaction, you would  have to load all of the products again. Thanks to Magentix, the revolutionary “recycle bin,” you can now restore deleted products back to your cart with a single click. This greatly improves the shopping experience and has proved to make the website more user-friendly. 
  2. Tenfoot: Magento designers can now convert their e-commerce page into a mobile-friendly design.Providing support across all platforms, Tenfoot removes all compatibility and layout-related issues. Synchronize your website with Tenfoot and offer your customers a touch-friendly shopping experience.
  3. Multi-Flat Rate Shipping: Other than discounts and seasonal sales, affordable shipping options rope in more and more customers. Most websites are designed to take advantage of this selling point. With Magento, the multi-flat rate shipping maximizes your shipping options from one to five. This gives customers more freedom to customize their purchase.
  4. Magento Live Chat: The Live Chat option is an all-encompassing tool that boosts customer satisfaction. What could be better than opening a window and finding answers for with live professional in real-time? Customers are vying for additional support on e-commerce websites with questions as common as shipping, sizing and availability issues. This extension opens up better solutions for quick problem solving.
  5. Youama Ajax Login/Register: What is the best way to maximize your shopping experience? Creating an account on that site, of course! Not only does this feature make it easier to complete the shopping procedure but also to receive news on current trends. Thanks to Ajax, this extension brings both login and registration forms in the same window. Based on the findings uncovered by the Forix team, this extension has been a hit among customers.

All of these new extensions are available at Magento’s connect store. With numerous improved extensions underway, Magento can easily transform your business into a roaring success. Success with Magento is merely an extension away!

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