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What Makes Your Magento Website Slow?

A slow-loading Magento website can cause havoc on your business. Did you know that 64% of unsatisfied customers do not visit a slow-loading website again? 1 out of 4 visitors leave a website if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load.
One of the best ways to deal with this issue is to understand the root cause of the problem. While some issues can be identified quite quickly. Certain issues can only be solved by a good Magento performance optimization services agency.

What are the six reasons that may cause your magento website to run slower?

You’ll be looking at low conversion rates if your Magento 2 website runs slow. Nobody likes to be kept waiting and if your website slows things down, it will get frustrating for your website visitors. They could have turned into customers but slow performance issues drove them away. How do you avoid this from happening again? There may be several reasons behind your Magento website performing poorly and some of them are mentioned below: –

1. Hosting Server

In a lot of cases web hosting solutions that are located far from the location of the main server cause websites to run slower. This is why if your hosting provider is far away from your location your website may run slower. Thus, you should consider choosing a solution that is nearer to you to ensure fast and secure operation.

2. Caching

Quite often website owners disable their data caching which enables the browser to not save HTTP requests, database queries, and images. This causes your website to run substantially slower. Thus, you should ensure that your data caching is enabled for a faster web load experience.

3. Updating

Sometimes all it takes for your Magento website to run faster is to update it to the current version. Magento ensures to fix bugs and issues to provide their users with the best service with their new updates. Thus, you should always make sure to update your Magento website to the current version.

4. Third-Party Extensions

Excessive use of third-party extensions can slow down your Magento websites. Certain extensions may have performance as well as security issues which can aid the slowing down of your website. Thus, you should always uninstall unnecessary extensions and audit third-party extensions before installing them.

5. Unoptimized images and videos

High-quality images and videos are necessary for running a website but they do end up slowing down your website which creates a bad user experience. E-commerce websites make use of thousands of pictures and videos and unoptimized media files can take up a lot of storage and slow down your website.

6. Theme

A poorly coded theme can cause your website to slow down. Instead, you can choose a simple theme that doesn’t compromise on the speed factor and offers the features and functionalities that you require. Alternatively, you can choose customized themes for your websites to stay ahead of the curve without compromising.


Magento website owners need to fix their slow-loading websites. The above-mentioned tips can help you identify and solve certain commonly faced issues by website owners. This way you can retain your customers, gather new leads, and grow your business.

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