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Two Common Magento Maintenance Issues and How to Solve Them


In the realm of Magento development, developers often encounter various challenges that can hinder their progress. Understanding the underlying problems and their causes is crucial for effective troubleshooting. At Forix, we aim to shed light on some of the two most common issues and back you up with Magento website maintenance services.

By identifying these problems, you can gain insights into how to approach and solve them effectively.

Common Magento Maintenance Issues and their Solutions

Let’s explore two prevalent Magento issues and uncover their solutions.

Magento Issue 1: Access Denied

Encountering the “Access Denied” problem in Magento occurs when you are denied permission to access certain web pages or applications. There are several common explanations for this issue:

Incorrect Role Assignment for New User

When creating a new user through the admin panel, it’s possible to forget to assign a role. In such cases, follow these steps to rectify the access rights:

Navigate to System > Permissions > User.

Click on the user in question.

Under User Roles, ensure the correct access rights are assigned.

Incorrect Admin Login Credentials

The most common reason for the “Access Denied” message is providing incorrect login information for the admin panel. You may have to reset the code if logging and logging out doesn’t work. Experts working in Magento Website Maintenance Services can help with this issue by using a particular code.

Insufficient Privileges for New Extensions

Adding a new Magento extension via the downloader and accessing its configuration settings may result in the “Access Denied” problem. You must reset your admin privileges as Magento does not do this automatically.

Follow these steps:

From the Magento dashboard, go to System > Permissions > Roles.

Click on Administrator Role.

Under Role Resources, set it to All.

Save the Role.

Magento Issue 2: The 503 Error

Encountering the 503 Error is one of the most common issues in Magento, indicating that an online service is temporarily unavailable to users. This error is particularly prevalent when attempting to install Magento 2 extensions.

There are two primary reasons why you might encounter this error:

a. Problem with the Site Server

If you’re experiencing server-related issues, it is recommended to contact your hosting company for assistance. They can help investigate and resolve any server problems that may be causing the 503 Error.

b. E-commerce Store Stuck in Maintenance Mode

If your Magento site is stuck in maintenance mode, you can follow these steps to bring it back online:

Navigate to the Magento root installation directory.

Locate the “maintenance.flag” file.

Remove the file using FTP or File Manager.

Once the “maintenance.flag” file is removed, your Magento site will no longer display the maintenance mode message.

If removing the “maintenance.flag” file doesn’t resolve the issue, you can also try clearing your sessions and cache before performing the above steps. This additional step might help alleviate any lingering issues related to maintenance mode.

If you need assistance with any issues, feel free to use our Magento website maintenance services.

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