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Best Magento Agency for CRM Integrations

You love Magento Enterprise, but you’re curious if you can make it better. You’ve heard of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations but don’t know which is best for your business. You need a Magento agency that offers total support, ongoing managed services, and maintenance for CRM integration. If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place.


Forix Digital is a top provider of Magento CRM integration services. We can walk you through the initial integration, master regular website maintenance, and provide the technical services and managed support you need for your B2B or B2C to thrive. Contact us today about connecting Magento with top CRM software according to your unique needs.


What Is CRM Integration?


CRM, or customer relationship management, is much more than a Rolodex with tidbits of information about each of your customers. It’s a sophisticated technical solution to support comprehensive customer data management. CRMs can help businesses organize and securely store customer information, as well as put customer data to good use as soon as the system picks it up. Instead of muddling through big data on your own, use a CRM to instantly use customer data to support your B2B or B2C.


“CRM integration” refers to combining your existing Magento website with a sophisticated CRM system to amplify your company. CRM integration with Magento (through a top agency) can immediately grant you access to a range of benefits, including better customer communication, higher retention rates, more highly-targeted marketing, better technical support, and enhanced business goal focus. Seamless integration services with a trusted website developer can help you focus on your business while your CRM program does the work for you.


How Integrating Magento and CRM Will Benefit You


CRM integration is one of the best ways to support your customers, groom leads, and tap into limitless business opportunities. Connecting Magento with a leading CRM platform can help your website convert at every stage of the sales funnel. It can help your marketing team understand your target audience by efficiently tracking and managing user data. All you need is the right developer and managed solutions to help you make the most of CRM services. Magento CRM integration on your website can yield enticing benefits, including:


  1. A seamless symbiotic relationship between your Magento website and CRM, where both managed services will benefit each other.
  2. Integration of your website and marketing automation software to better organize and understand customer data.
  3. Easy creation of new customer records to better support audience needs without delays or miscommunications.
  4. Instant access to valuable customer data from your website, downloaded directly into your managed CRM software.
  5. Monitor company performance through relevant data and make ongoing changes as needed to stay on top of your industry.


Your Magento website is an excellent starting point, but it may not help your company achieve its fullest potential alone. Level up with managed CRM integration services through a top developer. Some of the best CRM system choices include SalesForce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and InfusionSoft. You could also custom-create a CRM solution if none of the turnkey choices seem to fit your specific needs.


Things to Look for in Your Magento Agency


Once you decide CRM integration is right for you, it’s time to find the right developer to handle the union. You need a company that excels in website technical tasks, managed maintenance services, and ongoing support for the best results. Look for these three main things when selecting your integration services:


  1. Don’t trust something as important as CRM integration with just any Magento agency. Go with a company that can show you a portfolio of successful site management and integration. Experience handling the exact type of integration you need is key to a seamless and rewarding transition.
  2. Managed support. You can’t feel confident in your integration without ongoing Magento support and maintenance. You need attentive agency care, including website troubleshooting within 24 hours, fast load times, regular site maintenance and optimization, and immediate security concern assistance.
  3. Trust a top developer that has a wealth of knowledge and expertise about the CRM platform you’re interested in integrating with Magento. Consult with the prospective agency and see what impression you get from your conversation. The agency should convey insider knowledge and advanced industry expertise.

Forix Digital is a premier developer for Magento website CRM integrations of all kinds. We have everything you’re looking for in a developer and more. We’re 100 percent confident we can handle your integration and managed solutions in a way that provides maximum benefits to your business.


CRM Integrations Forix Has Mastered


Forix isn’t a new developer for Magento CRM integrations. We’ve provided our managed services and technical support to businesses of all sizes for years. We continually update our practices to provide ongoing services as a top agency in Magento integrations. The following are Magento-CRM integrations we’ve completed for clients in the past:


  • SalesForce CRM can help small businesses find new leads, nurture customer relationships, and achieve brand loyalty. Integrating Magento and SalesForce through Forix can grant administrative access to up to 20 online stores from a single dashboard.
  • A SugarCRM integration with Magento helps business owners connect multiple stores and sync their data, as well as share information and glean insights into consumer needs and behaviors. Improve customer service and see the big picture.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics and Magento integration can reduce redundant data entry errors and facilitate insights that ultimately improve the customer experience. Optimize marketing campaigns with key data and intel.


Your search for the best Magento agency for CRM integrations ends here! We have the real, hands-on website experience you’re looking for in a top developer. Whether you’re still in the market for a new CRM system or know exactly which Magento integration you want, we can help. The right integration can improve customer relationships, consolidate and make sense of data, and totally transform your business.


Integrate CRM with Your Magento Website Today


Ready to reach your full potential with Magento CRM integration? Work with an esteemed website developer at Forix Digital for seamless ongoing support, constant site maintenance, and integration services with your unique needs in mind. Call or submit our query form to speak with an agent about your integration services today.



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