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Creating Quality Content to Boost Your CRO

Quality content has a lot of benefits for your eCommerce website. Not only does it give your customers something unique to read, but it also gives your SEO and your conversion rate optimization (CRO) a boost. Let’s take a look at some ways you can add quality content to your eCommerce site while helping to increase conversion rate.


Include Unique Product Descriptions


There is a ton of duplicate content out there on the web. A lot of eCommerce stores will just recycle the content straight from the manufacturer’s website, meaning it gets bumped down lower on the search engines. Instead, take the time to create unique and dynamic descriptions of your products, drawing in customers with your wording. Add a touch of humor or elegance to your listings. The choice is yours, but make it unique. Taking the time to stand out from the crowd will set you ahead of your competition.


Video Product Tours


Instead of offering the usual product photos, try offering a video product tour. Showing customers how to use the product with a video will tell them everything they need to know about purchasing the product. They can view all the features, see how it works with a real demonstration, or learn how to style it with their own pieces. You can even showcase clips of the making of the product, giving customers a background story about the pieces they are purchasing. The more information you can pass on, the more likely your audience will complete the purchase with confidence.


High-Quality Image Resolution


Don’t just settle for your product photos. Take the time to make them stand out with high-resolution images and color technology. Your customers will know exactly what to expect when they open their package, making them complete their transaction without hesitation. High-quality images can show off details like color, texture, and features, unlike regular photos. They can even allow you to rotate the image or zoom in on certain features for a detailed look. Your customers will appreciate the attention to detail and once they receive their first purchase, they will be back for more in the future.


Including quality content on your webpage means more customers will end up purchasing your items. eCommerce conversion rate optimization leads to more purchases, which then helps to increase the bottom line of your business. If you are looking for a new way to invest in your business, Forix can help you set up a plan for CRO conversion rate optimization. Get in touch with us today and we’ll help you design a customized plan of action.



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