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CRO 101 for Your eCommerce Business

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the top ways to improve your eCommerce business. Turning clicks into sales is the goal of an eCommerce store, but without a clear plan and a website to help you meet your goal, you’ll be losing ground. Let’s take a look at the basics to increase conversion rate.


What Is CRO?


Conversion means a visitor to your website completes a certain action, converting their clicks to an end result. Most of the time the end result is a sale, but sometimes conversion rates refer to actions like signing up for a newsletter or downloading an eBook. CRO means making changes to your website in order to optimize the number of conversions taking place on a regular basis. There are many different things you can do to improve your website, and Forix can help.


Website Testing and Optimization


In order to figure out how visitors are using your website, you need to perform user testing. Surveying your customers, heat mapping and Google Analytics are all great ways to collect data. By understanding your visitors’ actions on your page, you can create a website experience to support their habits. Streamlining the process gives them a reason to finish checking out, ultimately increasing your conversion rate.


Streamline Checkout


One way to streamline the process is by reducing the number of actions needed to complete the sale. Don’t ask customers for unnecessary information. Instead, offer options that will autofill the information for your customer, saving them steps. You can also offer payment options like PayPal at checkout to speed up the process. The faster customers can hit the button, the less time they have to reconsider the purchase.


Offer Search Options


Help users find exactly what they are looking for with expanded search options on your page. Catalog items based on different characteristics, helping your customers to sort items with ease. When customers can find the products they are looking for, they consider your brand to be a trusted resource and your eCommerce conversion rate will rise.


Forix has years of experience with CRO conversion rate optimization. Our team can help you increase your business through proven techniques and design options. Investing in your eCommerce platform is a great way to get your brand in front of more people, showcasing what you have to offer. By letting Forix focus on your eCommerce conversion rate optimization, you can relax and get back to managing the other aspects of your business. Drop us a line, and chat with one of our skilled CRO experts.



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