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CRO on Magento Websites in 2018

While having a great product definitely helps to increase sales, no one will know about your product without a platform to introduce it. By building a Magento website and increasing your Magento conversion rate optimization, you are increasing the number of customers who see your product, which will also increase your sales. At Forix, we have the latest tools and plugins to make your website do all the hard work for you.


CRO Tools


There are a number of Magento conversion rate optimization (CRO) tools on the market today to help you get a handle on your Magento performance optimization. The top tool for watching your statistics is Google Analytics. It’s packed with useful tools and bits of information that you can use to learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. You can watch statistics like your conversion rate, your exit rate and your bounce rate to tell you how people are viewing your content. All of these numbers put together paint a picture of how your customers are using your website, giving you an idea of how to better serve their needs.


Cart Recovery


One of the top ways to increase your CRO is through cart recovery tools. Magento and Forix offer an array of extensions to remind your customers that they still have items left in their shopping cart. You can send them a coupon deal or a small reminder to encourage them to come back and complete their purchase. Recovering abandoned carts increases business profits, making it worthwhile to invest your time and energy to use the plugins. The team at Forix will help you set them up on your website to send automatic reminders to customers who abandon their cart.




Segmentation is the ability to divide your customers into different categories. By doing this, you can display a personalized set of prices or products to your customers. Each customer creates an account on your site and becomes separated into different categories according to their registration information. Your customers will appreciate the personalized touches as they browse your website, making it easier to find what they want. This customer satisfaction leads to higher CRO rates, and in the end, helps to increase your sales.


By using these techniques, your conversion rate optimization in Magento will help you get ahead in your business. Forix has a talented team of designers who know their way around the Magento platform. We can help you design a website that works for both you and your customers, eliminating stress and boosting your Magento site performance optimization. Contact Forix today for more information and to get started.


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