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How to Know if the Magento Integration Epicor ERP is Right for You

Magento Integration Epicor ERP
All companies are distinct in their own way, however, there are a few tell-tale signs indicating it might be time for a business to consolidate its interface and database systems. Even though there is no one-way to define the need for an Epicor ERP solution, the companies who are most in need of centralized assistance are usually those who find themselves in the following operational situations:


Difficulties Getting Data and Information


If someone inquired about your sales margin or other business metrics, how long would it take you to find out? If you don’t have an integrated solution to synthesize all data, it may take a while for you to obtain this basic information. Businesses relying on unconsolidated systems are forced to use spreadsheets and make updates manually, which typically makes it harder to get information right when you need it.


There are going to be times when the pace of your company accelerates, and during these times your staff will have to grasp imperative information in a timely fashion. Epicor ERP solution platforms allow executives to get a thorough review of in depth business functions and data at any point in time. On the other hand, general employees will be able to get the data they need to do their job more successfully. For example, a customer sales representative should be able to pull up a customer’s order and tracking number in order to provide details and communicate effectively with the customer.


Accounting Reports Take Forever


One of the most detectable hints of a business needing an integrated software solution will come from problems in your accounting department. If your staff relies on invoices and sales reports made on paper, they likely need many hours to manually enter this information in to separate systems each week. Consider how much time is being wasted on task like information input, which can be completed by an Epicor ERP software system within a matter of seconds.


A similar aspect applies to financial filing and reporting, as this process often takes too long to unify financial reports among various database systems and in sporadically placed spreadsheets. An Epicor ERP solution can be a great means of saving employee time and ensuring that human resources are spent in a more useful manner.


If all financial information is compact and within a singular platform, accounting staff will no longer have to spend huge chunks of time manually inputting and reconciling files and data across various databases every week. This will present your accountants with the opportunity to make significant financial reports to benefit you and your company.


Endless Variety of Software


Consider how your staff monitors, reports, and processes information in various areas of your company. Your workflow may identify one system for receivables and payables, and sales may use another to enter in customer orders. Is the process of taking those orders and getting them fulfilled and into accounting a time-consuming manual process? Do employees in your warehouse use a completely different solution to track shipping and receiving?


If your warehouse employees use a certain system to track shipments and your sales staff uses a different one to enter customer orders and inventory, the process of completing major orders can become needlessly complicated. When front and back end areas of a company aren’t unified, it can destroy the ability of operations processes to function smoothly on a regular basis. If inventory handling staff does not have the data from the sales department, items may go out of stock or be overstocked, which may result in both increased product need and/or product surplus and waste.


Even worse, if verified employees don’t have the latest accounting information on hand, it can severely undercut operations and financial budgeting in virtually every area of your business.


An Epicor ERP platform can prevent these hazards from occurring by merging all separate systems into one interface and database. With all areas depending on one platform, vita information can be communicated with ease. Epicor ERP systems accumulate and distribute the most up-to date data in real time, so all departments can have the information they require to make optimal decisions at a quicker rate, which then gives them the time to engage in other more productive aspects of their positions.


The Epicor ERP solution can redefine and transform your Magento store by unifying and strengthening all areas, paving the way for large-scale improvements in sales, customer satisfaction, and more efficient business functionalities. Get Epicor ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento Site today.



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