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Magento Integration AS/400 ERP for the Distribution Industry

Magento AS/400 ERP integration for Distribution
The AS/400 ERP solution provides the necessary warehouse management software to help businesses control their supply chain and integrate their shipping, receiving, acquisition, and manage their on-site inventory levels and loading docks. Among the many components of the AS/400 ERP system, the core aspects include:


Centralized Warehouse Operations


Streamlined warehouse tools help companies execute and fulfill a variety of tasks such as exchanges, packing, picking, and receiving, so staff can use their work time and skills to pursue other tasks.


Handle Inventory


Direct exactly where stock is with useful tools allowing businesses to track all warehouse areas and the products they contain extensively. These functions allow businesses to see what is on the shelves, within storage, on trucks and in packaging areas.


Regulate Stock Levels


With the AS/400 ERP solution, staff is uses barcode scanning devices to easily execute inventory cycle counts and perform other essential inventory management tasks



Consolidate Reports


Streamlining reporting processes can help decrease errors, improving accuracy and efficiency on many levels. With the automated generation of shipping labels and other forms of documentation such as tickets, packing information, invoices, and more, businesses can be assured there are no careless mistakes to impede shipping and fulfillment processes.



Ship Directly from the Warehouse


AS/400 ERP makes it easy for shipments to be completed as quickly as possible. Companies can ship items directly from their warehouses with consolidated tools, permitting the quick and easy printing and packaging of necessary delivery labels. This feature can improve workflow and decrease inventory waste by the reducing the number of products a company needs to keep at each location.


Automatic Stocking


Gives a company the ability to set automatic orders for stock necessities and can systematically execute order replenishment in accordance with advanced preset logic using settings such as item quantity in stock, staffing availability, and location preferences.


Category Management


AS/400 simplifies the process of handling the categories of merchandise in a company’s warehouse. Having products thoroughly organized within a hierarchical system lets businesses get a clear perspective of item performance, demand, and correlated trends


Prediction-Based Planning


Advanced forecasting features can assist companies to make the best plans to assure the correct inventory level and handle item life durations. Essential analytics offer accurate forecasts to help businesses discern demand for new items, upcoming trends, determine reorder plans, and manage inventory quantities with data regarding the seasons and assets popular in the industry.


Optimal Location Selection


When an order is placed online, the AS/400 ERP system can be set to choose the ideal store to fulfill the order based on site and consumer location, stock levels, upcoming demand, recent or upcoming shipments, forecasted sales data, sales and promotions, pickup demand, and remaining supply. This feature also allows businesses and their staff to avoid partial deliveries and conduct a store rotation schedule to prevent locations from depleting their stock levels prematurely.


The AS/400 ERP system can assist wholesale distribution businesses keep up with the demands and obligations they meet on a daily basis. Get the AS/400 ERP integration solution implemented on your Magento website today.



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